Silver Appleyard Ducks

Breeding stock and hatching eggs available in limited quantities in spring 2017

The big and beautiful Silver Appleyard Duck is a heritage breed developed in Great Britain during the 1930's by Reginald Appleyard. 

 They are considered a tri-purpose breed in that they are great for not only meat and eggs, but their stunning plumage is beautiful for craft projects. 

They range in size from 7-10 pounds, and although they are slower growing than Pekins, they are leaner and have more flavor. They are also the best layers of the large breeds, averaging 200-270 large white eggs per year. 

Hens will occasionally go broody and hatch their own babies, but the majority of our birds are hatched in incubators. 

They are surprisingly active for their size, and excel as foragers. They are easily tamed, however, and are such a joy to have around.

They are currently considered threatened by the Livestock Conservancy.

In the spring of 2014 we acquired our breeding stock from the Holderread Farm and Preservation Center. From this group we have selected the best breeders, and processed the rest.

2 days old

2 weeks
4 weeks

6 weeks

Hen 25 weeks

Drakes 25 weeks
They reside at the family farm where they get to enjoy 5 acres of freedom and a spring-fed creek to swim in.

This summer (2016) we began hatching eggs to help build up our flock.

The Holderread genetics are broad, in order to help maintain a strong gene pool.

Because of this, we have a variety of colors pop up in our hatches: standard silver, blue, white and even mallard.

We will selectively breed for the standard coloration, but may keep a few blue hens because their plumage is so lovely.

One of this year's drakes

One of our handsome 2016 blue drakes

One of this spring's loveliest hens (retained for breeding)
A gorgeous lightly marked blue hen

Another lovely blue drake
Hen 16 wks (still in molt)

Drakelet 14 wks

Hen 14 wks
We should begin selling breeding stock and hatching eggs in Spring 2017.

Mature drake in eclipse plumage


  1. I have just learned about this breed and am finding it difficult to find reputable breeders that have them available. I also really like the less-green heads and the blue coloration, even if it's not breed standard! I'm in Northern IL (on the WI border) and cannot make the drive, but would you be willing to ship hatching eggs?

    Sorry, I couldn't find another way to contact you.

  2. Hi Becky! We are working on getting our NPIP certification before we can ship eggs. Contact me over at our facebook page and I can help put you in touch with other breeders who can ship: