Our Rabbitry

We maintain a small rabbitry to supply our family and dogs with healthy, humanely raised meat.

We are currently raising New Zealand Reds and experimenting with Creme d'Argent. 

Our rabbits receive a 16% pellet, supplemented by hay and foraged greens.

We choose only to breed during the cooler months (usually September - May) to help minimize heat stress for the rabbits.

We maintain a closed rabbitry, and select only the healthiest animals as breeding stock.

While we do not show or breed rabbits meant to perform at shows, we do selectively breed with the commercial Standard of Pe
rfection in mind, to help maximize correct conformation and ideal meat to bone ratio.

We also selectively breed for good temperaments, excellent mothering abilities, good litter size and fast growth rate on economic feed.

We occasionally have breeding stock available, so check out our For Sale page. You can also follow us on facebook here,  or contact us at bluetoothhollow@outlook.com

for more information.

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