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Our farm is located in the rugged hills of middle Tennessee, a gorgeous and historic place known as Buffalo Valley. It was named for the ancient bison herds that spent their winters grazing here. The valley was carved by the mighty Caney Fork River, which flows nearby. Buffalo valley is criss-crossed with numerous streams and creeks that feed into the Caney, and our farm is blessed our own spring-fed stream.

We live on 8.5 mostly wooded acres. A majority of our property is left wild, since it's too steep to run livestock on without damaging it. We are big conservationists and love our native wildlife just as much as we love our domestic animals!

We have a passion for heritage breeds and raising healthy food humanely for our family.

We believe that animals thrive best with fresh air, sunshine, green food and plenty of room to stretch their legs (and wings). While free range is healthiest for our birds, we accept the risk of predation with this model. We offer our birds plenty of cover, safe covered runs to sleep in, and keep dogs on our fenced property to limit losses.

Our primary goals are to raise meat for our table as naturally and humanely as possible, while preserving and promoting rare and heritage breeds, as well as practicing and preserving traditional homesteading skills in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner.

We welcome farm visits by appointment only. We are proud of our animals but we are a working farm, not a petting zoo.  We strongly advise you not to enter the property unannounced because you will be greeted by very large barking dogs. We also take measures to help ensure biosecurity, so you may be asked to wear a pair of our boots or plastic bags to cover your own.

We currently raise Silver Appleyard  ducks, Tufted American Buff Geese, Guinea Fowl (lavender, royal purple and pearled grey), a mixed chicken flock and New Zealand Red rabbits.

There are several more species and breeds we plan to add to our farm in due time, so be sure to check  back often.

We occasionally have animals for sale, so be sure to check our "For Sale" page.

Email is the fastest way to get in touch with us, as we stay pretty busy.

Please explore our webpage and check out all of the links on the right hand size.

Thank you so much for visiting!

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