American Tufted Buff Geese

This sweet-tempered, eye-catching goose is a relatively new breed created by the late Ruth Book of Book Farms in Granby, Missouri.

They came about from crosses of American Buff and Roman Tufted geese over several generations, resulting in buff colored geese of moderate size with a distinct tufted head.

Even though they aren't necessarily a heritage breed, they descend from them, and because of their diverse genetic background, they are a trouble-free, hardy goose with good fertility and egg production.

Their tufts are composed of merely feathers, and will flatten out if you smooth your hand over their heads.

They are noted for being a very gentle and friendly breed, and quieter than most, although they will still sound the alert to strangers.

Their charming and inquisitive personalities are sure to win you over.

If you are looking for a medium breed of goose for your homestead for your family, look no further than the Tufted Buff!

We acquired our first 3 birds this past summer, and plan to build our flock beginning in the spring of 2017.

Breeding stock and hatching eggs will become available in 2017 in limited quantities.

Please consider this wonderful breed for your farm to help perpetuate and promote them. You won't regret it!

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