Saturday, September 15, 2018

Longest Belated Update EVER

I think this is my longest lapse to date. But we are still here!

I will be working to update my web page in the coming weeks.

So how on earth do I sum up the last.... let me check......... year and 6 months???

Well, I'm not sure I can sufficiently, but I will do my best.

Most of this past year has been spent recovering from a mono infection (I am almost 100% recovered), and the subsequent catch up.

I've been trying to get back on track with my Etsy page, and moving forward with our farm goals.

Ian is 4, quickly approaching 5 years old, and is still an intelligent, inquisitive ball of energy.

We are still planning to home school and are making some progress on that front.

We still have our two goats, Nutmeg and Cinnamon, still with no immediate plans to expand our herd.

We did manage to finally get them moved to our side of the yard, however. We used the old rabbit shed to build them a barn.

We also got our first section of portable electric netting so we can put them to work on our back field.

We still have our rabbits, but I am wanting to scale way back, or even get out of them completely. I really enjoy them, but there was absolutely ZERO interest this past spring for rabbit sales, and I am wanting to make more room in our budget and facilities to expand our bird flocks.

Our Silver Appleyard flock is up to 13 and doing well.

I feel really good about our breeding stock, even though again, interest was next to nil for ducklings and hatching eggs this spring.

Our Tufted American Buff trio successfully hatched 2 eggs and raised them beautifully.

Only one of them is breeding quality, and unfortunately I think it is a gander.

Which leaves me with TWO extra ganders. I'm hoping I can find another breeder fairly local that I can exchange one of them for a goose and start a second breeding flock.

I still don't really have a breed focus in the chicken flock, even though I did find a few Salmon Faverolle hens last season. I love our rooster, but the hens are such poor quality, I'm not sure it's even worth it to hatch eggs from them. At this point I'm thinking about just ordering a rare breed assortment from McMurray Hatchery and not even bothering with a specific breed, at least for now.

We did add guineas to our farm last year. I hatched a nice variety of keets from them this spring, and retained 11, giving us a total of 17. I'm not sure I want to have many more than that.

Even though overall farm sales have been a bit of a bust this season, my feather sales on Etsy have picked up. I've been working hard to fill my shop and keep the momentum going, after my 6 month lull from being ill.

I've also reached out to some fellow farmers with different birds and have been bartering for their feathers.

Increasing the variety of chickens will supply even more diversity in feathers I can sell in my shop, and I would like to add Cayuga ducks to our farm.

We haven't been able to afford much in the way of further house improvements, but we have at least planted a few trees and shrubs.

Yesterday we bought a second Celeste Fig (since the first one has done so well) and a Bald Cypress. We honestly don't know where the cypress will go, but we just had to get it because we have always wanted one!

Gardening has been at a minimum this year, since I've needed to keep the work load low. 

I am at least planning to plant garlic this fall, and have plans to experiment with some new veggies next spring.

I have helped out some with mom's garden this season, which has done quite well.

I definitely can't promise that I will be making blog posts too often, but I am very active on instagram if you want to follow us there:

Summer is winding down, and we are really looking forward to cooler weather! Let's just hope this winter is better than the last one.

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