Friday, December 16, 2016

December 2017 Rabbitry Update

Bluetooth Hollow rabbitry is growing like never before!

Our current kit tally is up to 40, ranging in age from 7 weeks to less than 24 hours.

Liriodendron and her litter of 7
My oldest three litters are about ready to wean, and I will list them for sale soon.

Some will be for the freezer, of course, and I may even retain one of the nice broken reds.

Sylvia's 5

After she missed a breeding one month ago, I was afraid Sumac had gotten too fat to take, but she delivered 8 healthy wrigglers the other day, so she has earned her keep once again.

She has the habit of lounging in the nestbox. Luckily she has yet to smother anybody.

Coralberry's litter of reds are looking real good: 2 does and 2 bucks. Even though they are out of booted parents, a majority of them look solid. Not sure how that works, but....

One of my newer REW does, Kaya delivered her litter out of Big Boy: 3 reds and one broken chestnut:

I like the two REW does, but their litters are very small for New Zealands, so I'm not sure whether I will keep their genetics in my herd. They are very sweet and wonderful mothers, but in addition to small litters, their body size is quite small as well. 

Nova's litter of 3
Lobelia kindled 6 yesterday, and is doing a stellar job after botching her first litter. With her mama's genetics, I knew she would get it the second time around. These will be some very nice reds.

Hopefully it will be a busier sale season for breeding stock. Last season was very slow.

I'll keep trying to get a litter out of my remaining Creme buck and one of my 3/4 girls.

Now that the freezing weather has arrived, it's back to the daily routine of filling water crocks several times a day. Luckily now, my son is older and usually enjoys coming with me to help. It's also nice to have an enclosed space away from the wind.

Wow. We have a lot of rabbits, and still have room to grow in here! 😍