Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Good Morning, from our New Homestead!

Today is actually the second day we've woken up at the new house, but it has been such an insanely busy last few days, I've barely had time to breathe, much less write a blog post.

We also don't have internet set up yet, so I'll be bumming off the neighbors for a few days.

So yes, we are here!

We are a looonngggg way from being what I would call, "moved in," but we are getting there.

Most of our furniture and clothing are here, and we moved most of the kitchen stuff in yesterday.

Our old dining set needs a new spot, now
We also moved the rabbits yesterday, which was a huge undertaking (I knew it would be).

It took two trips with two cars and one truck to move rabbits, cages, food and equipment.

Oh yeah, the new rabbitry!

Mark and our dads closed it in using the old privacy fence panels that have been lying around for ages.

Not the prettiest barn, but I plan to give it a coat of paint at some point...

They put chicken wire around the top (not the best option, but it was what we had), and we are planning to add lattice to reinforce it. 

We still need to add lights (once we turn on the meter for the barn).

We still have more cages to hang, but they are just about settled.

Which is a good thing because two of them are due on the 10th!

Their old shed will be disassembled and moved later, probably when we are ready to build the goats' new paddock on our property.

We still have the dogs, the chickens, the snakes, the turtle and the rats to move, in addition to the rest of our belongings, so the rest of this week will be more and more and more trips back and forth.

Luckily, we've had lots of help. both our parents have been free (Mark's mom even flew in for a few days for Ian's birthday). It's amazing what you can get done when two grandmas are around!

We had a small (and quick) 3rd birthday celebration for Ian yesterday at lunch, but we'll have a bigger to-do this weekend with the rest of the family.

I'm just so glad the park house is only 8.5 miles away, because I can't imagine making the move otherwise. 

We are also fortunate that nobody is in a hurry to move into that house, so we can continue to move out bit by bit.

Our dining room table and couch got delivered yesterday.

Being able to host family functions was very important to me, so we are ecstatic to have some space to entertain for once.

We still have two chairs we have to find a place for back there
I'm exhausted and overwhelmed, but happy. Even though the place is far from finished, it's such a great little home.

I love the clean, open airy feel. It's so nice, I keep feeling like we are staying in a vacation home (without all of the fun vacation activities). 

This is the best seat in the house. :) 
The 360 views on top of our ridge at the park home were one thing we knew we would miss.

However, every window has a nice view of surrounding ridgetops, the creek and the hillside (and a big torn up yard and random junk waiting to get hauled off).

I'm not sure when we'll begin on the fencing, but hopefully that can start next week. I was surprised at how vulnerable I feel out here without the dogs, so hopefully we can at least bring the Shepherd down this evening.

Can you believe it? After almost 2 whole years we are finally here!

I still need to do a "before and after" post soon, once our house is a little more orderly.

But it might be awhile.........

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  1. Congrats!!! :D I'm excited to see you guys are in your house at last!