Monday, October 17, 2016

House Update 10.17.16

We have water!

The toilets and faucets have been installed, and the water has been all hooked up and turned on.

That's the good news.

The bad news is, the line to the septic tank is leaking, so that will need to be replaced this week.

It's really no surprise that the septic system needs work, but it's still one more thing.

Baseboard is still coming along nicely...

.... and we have begun moving our first boxes and furniture.

It hasn't been easy to find time to work on renovation chores and moving with Mark working almost non-stop for the past week (the other rangers were on vacation AND he's Interim Manager again).

This ugly thing has to go! We need to make room for our farm sign. :) 
Needless to say, Destin is out of the question for this year. But if things go well, we should at least be moving in during our vacation time. It's hard not to feel bummed, but it has been a beautiful October.

We might take a mini-vacation and hit some great bird-watching areas. Maybe we can even fit in a rabbit pick-up.

I desperately need a Creme buck and wouldn't mind getting another NZR

I did manage to get my other two does bred, even though my one buck was a bit lazy about it. It's exciting to finally have bunnies on the way! I'm looking forward to having more space to expand. And I'm not letting any of those bunny berries go to waste!

Another load destined for my mom's garden beds
Mark finally has some time off this week, so we are really focusing on getting this house move-in ready.

We've been needing to clean out the barn for some time so we can make room for our own stuff.

All of the old cabinets, vanities and appliances were in there waiting for a good day to haul them all off.

Even after we haul off all of the trash, we still can't move anything in until we rip out the moldy drywall and insulation.

We're getting there, though!

The dry days have been great for working and moving!

Our goal is still to be moved in by the end of this week, but we shall see. We still need to replace the other exterior doors, fix the front porch, get the hearth built and the wood stove installed, and finish up the baseboard and trim (I think that's it) before we can finish moving.

Hopefully we'll be celebrating Ian's 3rd birthday in our new house!
It has been an incredibly warm and dry October.

There isn't a tuft of green left at our house, and flapping bird wings send up big clouds of dust.

The Muscovy babies are growing fast.

The two males are HUGE!

The chicks are getting big too.

Packing up and moving all of the animals is going to be quite a task, but it is close at hand. 

And now.... back to packing......

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