Sunday, October 23, 2016

Here and There

We are still inching closer to our official moving day.

The water is fully hooked up and in working order, so we are now turning our attention to the septic system. Unfortunately it needs a complete overhaul. So it's looking like it will be at least another week.

There are still odd jobs to attend to in the meantime - trim, baseboard, painting said trim and baseboard, as well as continuing to clean up the barn in prep for storage.

I ripped down all of the old, moldy drywall and insulation in the barn, and then scrubbed down the mold.

 We've hauled off most of the old junk cluttering the space, and I can even start to store some real farm things inside! (I took this before I removed the insulation from this side.)

Hay storage, at last!
Speaking of farm things, we acquired a few exciting additions this week...

A friend of mine was having to move away at late notice and sell off her animals. So I purchased a trio of New Zealands from her (a broken black buck and two REW does).

Black and eventually blue New Zealands are colors I've been wanting to include in our rabbitry. They are such sweet, laid back rabbits. They kind of put mine to shame.

One doe even came with a litter 3, wk-old kits.

She also made me an offer I simply couldn't refuse:

Two mini-Nubian does!

We really weren't planning on getting any additional livestock for at least a year after moving in, so we had to do some scrambling to get set up for them.

The retired garden space makes a roomy paddock for them, and we were able to re-purpose the old camper top duck shed into a temporary goat barn.

Nutmeg and her daughter, Cinnamon, are super sweet and gentle, and just the right size, I think!

I've always liked Nubians, but wasn't sure I wanted something that got so big. And I've always liked Nigerian Dwarves, but wasn't sure they would be big enough.

They are both proven milkers, but are dry currently. They may also possibly be bred, since they were running with a buck up until June.

Even though they don't really look pregnant, it doesn't necessarily mean they aren't, so we will make sure we are prepared just in case. Wouldn't that be something!

I am over the moon ecstatic. I have wanted dairy goats since I was a teenager, and I'm even more thrilled that Ian gets to share in the experience.

He loves them already, and they are so good with him.

I only wish they weren't currently 8 miles away, but we are down at the farm working almost every day, so we should get to visit with them often.

Once we finish enclosing the new rabbitry we will convert the rabbit shed into a goat barn and set them up a permanent paddock. We will also get portable electric netting so we can rotate them around the properties.

The rest of our farm still resides in our dusty backyard.

Just about everybody is done with their first molt, and their breeding plumage is coming in nicely.

I also discovered something exciting about my geese.

I assumed that I had two ganders and one goose, although I was on the fence about "Ferdinand." All of the confusion lifted yesterday when I witnessed the first mating between them, with "Ferdinand" obviously taking the female role.

So that means he must actually be a she!! (Or I have some really freaky geese.)

It looks like she needs a more feminine name.

With mating behavior beginning, they may start laying eggs this winter. I probably won't hatch any until the spring, however.

My first fall litters are due in a week, and our rabbitry will be bursting at the seams!

So our daily routine goes a little like this: we get up and take care of the animals at the park house, then pack up the car and head over to the farm to work. After spending most of the day there we hurry back at sunset to get our birds fed and closed up for the night.

It's a little frustrating (and exhausting) to have our farm spread out between two places, but soon enough we will all be together in the hollow.

I no longer have to sit and imagine goats grazing on this hillside - we have goats and they WILL be grazing on this hillside!! Can you believe it?

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  1. I.AM.SO.JEALOUS!! I would love to get a deal on some milk goats! Congrats!