Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hello, October!

Ian entertaining himself while I supervise breedings
Well, I just couldn't contain myself and started breeding rabbits.

My junior does are already 9 months old. I know it wouldn't have killed me to wait another month, but I really wanted to get things going.

I decided to only breed 3 of my 5 does so I wouldn't be too overwhelmed with grow-outs.

Besides, I only have one buck that can get the job done. I've given my old Creme chance after chance, but he just can't do it.

I really need his genetics for my Creme back-crossing project, but it just isn't going to happen.

Even Big Boy isn't as aggressive of a breeder as I would like. He spends so much time grooming and fussing over the does that it takes forever to get the three fall-offs I prefer.

Even so, he successfully bred Coralberry, Sylvia and Liriodendron.

Sylvie giving me the stinkeye
I attempted to breed Lobelia and Sumac, but neither one was having it. I still think Sumac needs to lose some weight. I will re-try next month.

I'm especially looking forward to the litter of broken reds!

Now that the weather is so pleasant, I'm making an effort to handle the rabbits more, and let them out to run around.

I don't really have a great place for this, so I've been giving them the chicken tractor while the chickens are out.

I also made a makeshift pen out of some leftover wire.

It always amazes me how much they relax whenever they are out in the open. Hopefully we can build a nice area for them to run around in at our new place.

Speaking of which, all of the interior doors are finally up.

It took a lot of sawing, trimming and sanding, but it's finally done.

This weekend Mark and my Dad also worked on cutting the outlet covers to make them fit over the counter top.

Hardly even noticeable, really.

Next up is a good cleaning of the floors.

The floors are incredibly dusty (again) after having to saw and sand the doorways.

Then we will be installing toilets, baseboard and trim. 

The water should be hooked up this week, and we will check out the condition of the septic.

We will hopefully be getting the wood stove and hearth installed within the next couple of weeks as well.

Fencing will be last, of course, but we may have to house the animals at my parents' farm next door until that gets finished.

We are getting OH, SO, CLOSE.

Our Florida vacation is looking less likely all the time, but we are enjoying some gorgeous fall weather!

If we don't get to fish in the gulf, maybe we will at least get to hit the river a couple of times.

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