Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Winds of Change

Cooler weather finally looms on the horizon, so that makes me want to get this year's rabbit breeding season underway.

I snapped a few hasty photos of my junior does in the middle of nail-trimming.

Their winter pelts are coming in and are looking so beautiful.

Sylvia - she has the nicest Creme color of the Creme crosses

Coralberry. I forgot to get pictures BEFORE ear mite prevention (olive oil), so she was looking pretty annoyed

Lobelia.  I'm still not very good at posing, and they have barely been handled thus far
I checked them over and am pleased with their proportions. The two NZR does are very compact like their father.

My NZR buck, Big Boy is going to be a very busy man this season!

He is the only virile buck I have currently, so he is going to be servicing 5 different does. I've still been trying to get my aging Creme buck bred to at least one of my does, but he just can't do the deed anymore.

While I am eager to get started, unfortunately, our moving date is still up in the air.

I don't really want to risk trying to move rabbits that are in the middle of having litters, especially with four of them first-time does.

I was really hoping for October litters, but it may be November before we have kits in the nest boxes.

Even though we are getting very close to finishing the work on our new house (well, at least the work we wanted to finish before we move), we are still running into complications that are setting us back time wise.

Yesterday, for instance we began installing interior doors.

We purchased them all pre-hung and already cut to the necessary dimensions, so we assumed that would save us a lot of time.

In fact, we thought this would be a one-day job, but soon discovered that would not be the case.

NONE of the doorways are square, so we are still having to saw/sand the doorways and trim the doors to make them fit.

As a result, one full day's work only resulted in 3 out of 10 doors hung.

We still have to get the baseboard and trim up, get the hearth built and the wood stove installed, get the water hooked up (and check what shape our septic is in and if that needs any work), and get the fences up before we can begin moving.

Maybe one of these days I'll get some pants on that kid
As if all of that wasn't enough, we found out this past week that our Park Manager is transferring to another park in a couple of weeks, leaving Mark as interim manager again. So not only is he taking on that work load, but he will be interviewing for the permanent manager position again soon.

October is also a very busy month for park events.

We've still been hopeful that we could take our much-needed vacation to the panhandle at the end of October, but with everything going on it's doubtful. It's been 2 years since we took a real vacation!

Moving still takes priority, and I know we'll get there, it's just been so frustrating.

On a more positive note, it's nice to finally feel that cool northern breeze after weeks of daily temps in the 90's.

And it looks like we have one more Muscovy in our flock, and I'm pretty sure now that it is a she.

Even though it has more carbuncling than its obviously female siblings did, it is quite a bit smaller.

In fact, she is not much bigger than my male Muscovy ducklings.

It also trills rather than hisses, which is another clue.

She was supposed to be joining two of her siblings from the stray flock at a friend's farm,  but unfortunately those two disappeared over the weekend. (Watch them show up at the park boat ramps again, ha.)

So she'll just stay with our motley crew.

She has really taken up with the baby Muscovies, and they seem to like having member of their own species to hang out with.

It's a real challenge to get her to go her up with the rest of the ducks at night, but hopefully she'll get the idea.

If she is indeed a she, that will be nice since I already have 2 males in my trio.

I'm looking forward to raising Muscovies next year. In addition to their awesome personalities and self-sufficient ways, I've read a lot of great things about their meat.

In the meantime, it's finally pleasant enough to leave the windows open at night, and hot cocoa is starting to sound real good.

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