Sunday, September 4, 2016

House Update 9.4.16

Most of the cabinets are in place, and it's really starting to look like a kitchen!

We still obviously lack counter tops and a sink, but it already looks amazing.

When we were originally brainstorming on the kitchen, we decided to take out the "L" in the configuration and put in an island instead.

Ha, remember this kitchen?

We were gifted a butcher block when my brother and sister-in-law redid their kitchen, so the plan was to put it on a cabinet base to serve as an island.

For some reason, we changed it back to an L shape when we settled on our cabinet design a year ago, but have no idea why. 

So we will just shift things around a bit and go with our original plan. It means ordering another small base and a few other bits and pieces, but we have plenty to work on while we wait for those to come in.

When it came to the bathroom floors, we spent months looking at vinyl flooring options, but couldn't settle on anything we liked.

The uneven floor ruled out peel and stick, which didn't leave much to choose from in floating floors, unless we went with another plank.

In the end, the few floating, vinyl plank options that we liked were every bit as expensive as actual porcelain tile, which we liked better, anyhow.

The only difference, of course, is that none of us have had experience laying it, and don't really have time for the learning curve.

So this was one of those times we were willing to pay extra to get it done quick and get it done right.

And we couldn't be happier with the results!

Guest bath

Master bath

The main floor is still steadily progressing.

Finishing up his office

Guest bedroom/studio

Ian playing in his room

All we lack now is the master bedroom and the living area.

So the next step will be baseboard and trim!

We also ordered our bathroom vanities.

They are espresso stained shaker style cabinets with white cultured marble tops.

One other thing we'll need to do is frame the interior doors. We took out all of the old doors (which we will need to replace).

Mark's dad replaced the rotten landing at the back door with a nice set of steps.

That butt-ugly door is getting replaced soon too.

With every day that passes, we are more and more hopeful that we may actually begin moving by the end of this month!

The stray Muscovy ducks that we captured at the park continue to enjoy their new life at the parents' farm.

My biggest concern was that they would be aggressive with the other birds, but they have been very peaceable.

And they finally found the creek, which they LOVE!

They must have been raised in close proximity with other poultry, as well as people.

In fact, I'm convinced they lead a pretty cushy lifestyle. They are very content to divide their time between the feed bowl and the creek, with very little foraging activity in-between. 

Oh well, I can't hold it against them. They are too sweet and too lovely.

More updates, soon!

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  1. I love the color cabinet you chose for your kitchen, it looks great!