Saturday, September 24, 2016

House Update 9.24.16

The floors are DONE!

The counter tops are in place...........

......the sinks and vanities have been installed.......

We still need toilets, obviously

......and all our interior doors are here and ready to be hung (beginning tomorrow).

A plan for the hearth is in the works, and then we will be installing our wood stove after that is built.

Once the doors are up we will begin work on trim and baseboard.

It's looking more and more like a house all of the time!

Ian and I spent the afternoon on the farm.

Yes, I know - the kid is never wearing pants. I swear he has underwear on!
We took 7 of the chicks down to there, yesterday. Ian misses them, so we had to stop and say 'hi.'

These are the 3 we kept:

"Fancy Pants" - pretty sure this one is a roo. If it ends up being a hen, even better.
No-name pullet
Other no-name pullet
It will be nice adding this colorful, feathery lot to our flock. I have in mind to acquire some heritage breed chickens at some point, but maybe we'll just keep propagating our colorful mutt chickens in the meantime.

I sold two more of my cull drakes the other day, and took our last one down to the farm today.

Sorry bud, but it looks like you're going to freezer camp.
Except for the one white hen (which will be going to her new home next week), I now have my picks for next year's breeding season. My breeding flock will consist of 3 drakes and 8 hens. It will be an exciting spring!

It's nice that our backyard has gotten a little less crowded, but we're still eager to give everybody more space.

Maybe if our geese have more room to roam they will feel less inclined to come inside...

I caught them sneaking in the back door this morning
We really enjoy spending late afternoons in the hollow.

Pretty soon we won't have to leave.

More progress to report soon!

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