Sunday, September 18, 2016


We were finally blessed with a good, long rain this morning.

The ducks and geese were thrilled!

I finally had to move the chicks out of the house, but they really aren't big enough to head down to the farm just yet, so I had to do a little innovating.

I set up a large rabbit cage in the duck/storage shed to close them up in at night, and during the day they can have the duck pen to themselves.

They also help stir up the bedding!
These are going to be some lovely chickens.

I was expecting a lot of color and pattern variety with their mixed parentage, but they are downright gorgeous!

We may have to repeat this breeding next year. Heck, maybe we'll come up with our own "landrace."

May favorite on the right - just look at those bell-bottoms!

We spent Sunday at the farm, and I took a walk while Ian played with his cousins and Mark worked on the floors.

The Muscovies love their home at my parents' farm. They are finally expanding their horizons and foraging more.

They especially like foraging at the dog bowls.

I noticed today that the two older males are growing feathers back on their necks.

When we first picked them up, both males looked like this:

This is them today:

I don't know enough about muscovies to know whether they just came out of a molt or if it was due to a nutritional deficiency. Either way, they're looking a little less ugly. :) 

Fall is in the air, and the late season flowers are in bloom. We left half of our field natural and mowed the other half (mainly to cut back the lespedeza before it bloomed). 

We really need to take down that old basketball goal.

The power company used our property to access the power lines a few weeks ago and made a nice path.

The walnut grove

Field Thistle



White Snakeroot

Yellow Crownbeard

Great Blue Lobelia

It's nothin' fancy, but soon it will be home.

This week we will be ordering interior doors, buying trim, having the master shower tiled, while Mark finishes up the last little bit of flooring (in the closets). 

Oh, so close.


  1. Those chicks are gorgeous! Did you say they were Easter Egger crosses? I have seen some really stunning EE mixes.

    Your place is beautiful. It looks like exactly where I would like to live someday.

    1. They are out of a Faverolle roo and black sex link, red sex link (or RIR's, can't remember) and Welsummer hens.

      It's been my childhood dream to live on a farm since like, ever. I am so excited. :)