Sunday, September 11, 2016

Duck Math (.... and a house update)

We've entered the hot, dry portion of summer - a somewhat uncomfortable time for man and beast alike, but it's a reminder that autumn is on its way.

With each passing week we are closer and closer to meeting our moving deadline.

All we lack on the floors
While there have certainly been plenty of unforeseen complications, overall we are still doing pretty well.

If we can at least begin moving by the end of this month, we will be in good shape.

Installing the microwave
I'm so looking forward to giving our animals more space!

And that little creek will provide so much relief and joy to our birds - and us, of course!

Ian already loves playing there every time we hang out at the farm.

Our poor little backyard is in pretty rough shape, and doesn't offer much in the way of forage for the birds.

The little patches of green give them something to nibble on, but most of their nutrition comes from a bag currently, and it's really starting to rack up!

I posted an ad about a month ago in hopes of selling off some of the young drakes I hatched this year.

We have no qualms about eating them, but finding time to process is going to be very difficult.

They are good looking birds, so it would be nice if they could contribute to other breeding programs.

I finally had some takers who made the drive from east TN. The original plan was to sell them two, but they happened to mention they had some critters to trade.

So, sucker that I am, I ended up trading two drakes and some hatching eggs for another Silver Appleyard drake and a trio of Muscovy ducklings!

Makes sense, right? Lol, my beloved husband is thrilled.

The young drake will provide some fresh blood, and the muscovies? Well, I'll have them. :)

They are beautiful little ducklings, and after capturing the strays at the park and dumping them at my parents' farm, I've really grown to like muscovies.

So........ - 2 = 4. Duck math.

I do have somebody coming out this week to purchase a young hen, and I'll attempt to sell the rest of the young drakes.

Except for this guy:

He has the most correct plumage out of the bunch, and I'm hoping to really reign in our colors and patterns (which are a bit all over the place, at the moment). At least we have a good selection to pull from!

The Faverolle cross chicks are nearly 3 weeks old and really starting to feather out.

....... and starting to leave the brooder.
They are a colorful and exuberant lot!

I sent 7 of them with my brother's family to raise, to help free up some space at my place. But even 10 are getting a little crowded.

In another week or so they should be ready to go to the parents' farm.

Although, we may not be able to let them all go.

Ian really loves the black chick (probably just because it's the only one he can pick out of the rest), and I have my eye on one or two more.

I wouldn't mind having a rooster or an extra couple of hens.

This is my favorite
Now that the kitchen is just about finished, we are turning our attention to the bathrooms.

The vanities are in.....

Just when I thought the decision-making for the interior was done, we go and decide to tile the master shower.

The mobile home shower surround we ordered for it is very ill-fitting and not very attractive.

Tile is really what we wanted, and the people who did the floors can do the shower. It will get done fast and look great. Boom. So we just have to decide WHAT kind of tile and WHAT kind of design.

We've also been looking at dining sets and couches, since we don't really have much of a dining table and our sofa is literally on its last legs.

We have a great dining space to work with, and I really wanted to get an 8 ft table, if possible.

I wanted something in the rustic farmhouse style, second hand if possible. But we really weren't able to find anything long enough that was affordable.

After weeks of searching, we finally found one that we really liked........

It comes with 6 chairs but could easily fit 8.

Still looking for a couch we like (that will fit).

So this week we should finally be getting our water hooked up and ready to go.

Subsequently, we will be ready to hook up the vanities, the kitchen sink (if the counter tops are ready), as well as toilets.

We are getting SO CLOSE!!  Close enough that we might, might actually make it to Florida this fall for a real vacation.

If we don't, there's always the lake. :)

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  1. Wow, the place is really coming together and looks great! I LOVE that table, too. We have been looking for a farmhouse table here without any luck at all. The hubby was thinking of building one, but his workshop isn't fully outfitted yet, lol. Also, those ducks and geese are so cool! I haven't been able to convince my guy about the geese yet, which is what I really want. I read they mate for life and a pair could easily live here for 10+ years as our guard geese, give us hatchlings, etc. It sounds like duck math is a lot like rabbit math! I'm glad all is going well for you and the fam- I'm so excited for you guys to move in. :)