Friday, August 5, 2016

More Babies on the Way!

In other news, I've got the incubator up and running again, but with chicken eggs this time.

My parents have been needing some replacement hens for awhile, but rather than order from a hatchery, we decided to work with what we had.

One of the benefits of keeping a rooster around.

And a fancy one, at that!

I'll be very interested to see what chicks from a Faverolle rooster and assorted red sex-link, black sex-link and Welsummer hens will look like. (I was hoping to get eggs from the silkie too, but she hasn't layed since her broody spell.)

As long as there are hens and as long as they lay, we will be in good shape. I'm betting they will be pretty colorful, too!

I set 20, so surely we will get a decent number of hens (as well as cockerels for the freezer).

The duckies are growing well, and I'm thrilled to hear even more quackers among the younger 6.

We have 11 at the house right now, and I'll be getting the remaining 7 sometime next week. I still have to pay our farm-sitter/duckling foster mother with 3 of the young hens, but by the look of things, I have plenty to spare!

The goslings seem to be enjoying their new home.

A little too much, really.

Their favorite hangout is right by the back door. It's cute enough that they stay there and wait for me to come outside, but all of that poop on the deck isn't so cute.

I tried propping lawn chairs at the base of the deck stairs, but they shoved those aside easily enough.

So then I tried something a bit sturdier.

It should work fine until they discover the other set of stairs.

Oh well, I love them, anyhow.

The chickens like to slip into the backyard any chance they get (the grass is greener, and all).

It can get a little crowded back there!

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