Saturday, August 20, 2016

House Update 8.20.16

Floor progress is steady.

Whenever mom was available to play with Ian, I was outside doing yard work.

Still hacking away at the old coops, bit by bit.

Another problem I decided to address was a deep rut in the field.

It's very difficult to farm or have livestock on steep land without doing considerable damage to the soil.

If we have livestock in the field, it will be on a very limited rotation to help prevent further erosion.

So I packed it full of scrap wood and cuttings from our burn pile and layered grass clippings and weeds over the top.

Hopefully that will help disperse the water better over the hillside.

When mom wasn't home, he and I just went on an adventure in the neighborhood....

Our street.

The view of our house from the road. Not bad! :) 

Mommy's chalk doodle.

The days are getting shorter, but it's nice to be playing outside as the sun goes down and see the warm glow of our windows.

Full moon rising.

It's also nice to finally feel like we are getting somewhere.

I have to say though, we will miss living so close to the lake.

Last night Ian and I jumped on the boat for Mark's Sunset Cruise for a last minute ride.

That's alright. We'll still be close enough.

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