Wednesday, August 10, 2016

House Update 8.10.16

The floors are in the works!

The cabinets and counter tops have been ordered, and should be here in three weeks.

We went ahead and bought them already finished, which will save us a lot of time. They are stained with a color known as West Point Gray, and if I remember correctly, the doors are shaped like this one.

We should have the floors finished by the time they are in.

We also measured for trim and baseboard.

Both will be white, whether we buy it pre-painted or paint it ourselves.

We also ordered our new stove and refrigerator (the appliances we have now belong to the ranger residence).

So we will spend the next three weeks working on the floors whenever we can, and any other odd jobs that need doing. Luckily Mark has this coming weekend off, so we should make some good headway.

The nice thing about vinyl plank it that it's easy to cut. We did set up the miter saw after this though, so things would go quicker.
It's exciting that things finally seem to be coming together!

We are a little more optimistic that we may actually begin moving by the end of September.

And now, last night's sunset, just because. :)

More updates coming soon!

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