Friday, July 29, 2016

House Update 7.29.16

I don't have very many pictures, or even much progress to report on, but I figured I'd write quick update.

We finally have the new duct work in place. We also went ahead and had the registers moved to the outside walls (a lot of them were out in the middle of the floors and other annoying places) and closed off the old holes.

The old register is to the left. This was before it was removed and closed off.
Now that that is finally finished, we are ready to focus on the floors.

We had decided on vinyl plank from Lowe's, but were concerned with some of the reviews we were reading online. Many people were complaining about receiving large numbers of boxes where the planks were cracked or had broken tabs. We were also going to have to purchase the underlayment seperately.

Cavender's had vinyl plank that was much thicker and came with the underlayment attached, as well as a lifetime warrantee (Lowes was only good for 10-15 years). They didn't have the same color we had picked out, so ended up getting something a couple of shades darker. It will still look really nice, though. We feel confident it will be worth the higher price tag in the long run, and they can have it in within a couple of days.

So we can start laying flooring next week!

Cavender's also had the same cabinets and counter tops we were looking at from another store, so we went ahead and got a quote on them too.

Our tentative goal is to be in by the end of summer, and if things go smoothly (for once), maybe that will actually happen.

In the meantime we are enjoying a much needed break from the intense heat, with some cool, rainy days. The waterfowl are loving it!

Everybody having a nice preen between rain showers.

Why is it that geese always gravitate to concrete?

.....and......... just for pretty.................

Last year we transplanted some Helianthus mollis (Ashy Sunflower) plants we had thinned from the park butterfly garden to my mom's flower beds.

They have done incredibly well, and just started opening up last weekend.

They get more sun at this location, so are doing even better than they were in the butterfly garden.

The butterflies are loving them too!

I may have to transplant some next door to our homestead after we move in.

................................ whenever that will be............................

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