Thursday, May 12, 2016

House Update 5.12.16

This week's big work day was an expedition down under to replace the big air duct under the house.

Luckily there is a fair amount of space under there, so it was a lot like spending the afternoon in a cave.

Especially when we ran into this guy:

What? Not so impressive? How about now...

This fella is a Dolomedes, or Dark Fishing Spider. They don't catch fish, and aren't necessarily found close to water, but are common in deciduous forests throughout the eastern US. Finding one is always a bit of a shock, since they verge on tarantula in size. Although a bite from one would no doubt be painful, they aren't dangerous.

It was a hot day, so we didn't mind working under the house so much.

Neither did Tala.

Unfortunately, the duct was 2 inches wider than we needed, so it took a lot of zip ties and wire to clamp it on good.

The real test will come this weekend when we turn the air back on. Fingers crossed!!

We had the rest of the ductwork cleaned out that morning, removing the last of the dust, grime and critter mess leftover from the previous owners.

I've had gardening fever, and the overwhelming urge to start planting things at our new place.

But I had to satisfy myself with purchasing a few more herbs for the ranger residence, tending the existing plants and moving a few down to my mother's flower beds so I can divide and use them later when we are finally ready to plant.

Lemongrass to replace the one that died a few years back. 

I was thrilled to find Anise Hyssop for the first time at a local farm stand.

The mystery rose that I've been tending for the last decade. It's been here at least since the early 80's, having survived getting whacked down and neglected for many years. It's been loving that rabbit poop, and looks healthier than ever.
Dessert plate sized blooms with a deep, intoxicating fragrance have really made me fall in love with it, despite the fact that I've never been a big rose guru. So I'm making all attempts to take it with me.

A few cuttings that I'm currently tending. I'm going to pot some as well. The more the merrier!
I have plans to develop this area into a big herb/kitchen garden leading out from the back steps.

One of the American Yellowwood saplings we planted got stripped by a deer, so we propped a rabbit cage over it to prevent further damage. Works in a pinch.

But like so many other things, that will just have to wait.

On the short return drive home, all sweaty and filthy, we stopped at Happy Hollow to enjoy the sun setting over the river.

What a place. :)

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  1. I always enjoy your Blue Tooth Hollow postings. It seems you are continuing to make progress ... slow but steady.

  2. Progress is progress! I love roses- I was seduced by them the same way and my Don Juans are my pride and joy these days. They love rabbit gold! Also, very cool spider and a lovely end to a working day at Happy Hollow! <3