Saturday, April 30, 2016

House Update 4.30.16

Yep, still here.

My posts are starting to sound like a broken record, but I'm sorry for dropping the ball, yet again.

House work days have been few and far between, but the latest happenings have been getting the walls painted (LOVE the colors!!) and the bathtubs installed.

Unfortunately, the newly painted walls got damaged when the tubs went in, so it was time to break out the drywall mud and sander, once again.

Yesterday I spent some time over there re-painting the damaged areas.

In between coats, I enjoyed a hike around the property.

Eastern Phoebe babies just about ready to fledge

At least the mowing hasn't gotten away from us this year (yet).

Think we have enough firewood? :) I see a lot of splitting in his future.

The walnut grove. Black Walnuts are great trees to have around. Their nuts and sap offer great food value, and the lumber fetches a high price in times of financial need. They also give off a chemical inhibitor that keeps most other tree species from growing near them.

Appendaged Waterleaf (Hydrophyllum appendiculatum) and a visiting sweat bee.

Climbing the hill. Most people would look at this thick understory and immediately want to clear it, but we are weird conservationists. We embrace this wildness that seems to make most humans uncomfortable, and have no plans for this area other than to just let it be. It's really too steep for anything to graze without causing extreme erosion (already a pervasive problem in this area).

A lingering Dwarf Larkspur (Delphinium tricorne) in bloom.

We are hoping to start sorting out the new air vent boots and any leaks in the system, and then give the subfloors a good cleaning before laying our beautiful new vinyl plank floors. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, Mark is hard at work rangering (the busy season has begun) and I'm busy chasing our adorable and overflowingly energetic toddler.

I occasionally get to work on my sculpture...

I was recently commissioned an order of 11 custom pet rabbit figurines for a very nice woman through Etsy. I am currently working on #5. It has been an awesome project so far, even though it feels at times as though I will NEVER finish them.

I also have yet to paint any of them.

It is extremely difficult to accomplish this with a toddler around, but somehow I manage.

We do find time to fish every once in a long while!

And Mark has also been taking some amazing photos....

For now, it's a rainy spring day at the Taylor house, and this tired mama is going to try and get some work done. Until next time......... (it may be awhile............. again)