Monday, November 30, 2015

November Litters

Another month has come and gone, and in a couple of days my rabbit volume has doubled. I think I am up to 36, but I'm not entirely sure.

I was anxious to see how Allspice performed for her first kindling, and she exceeded my expectations.

I was expecting to see kits scattered on the wire, but she made a nice nest, pulled fur and had a perfect litter of 9 colorful babies.

She is feeding them well and doing great overall.

I'm very pleased, since she has become a favorite with her flashy looks and friendly nature.

It looks like we have 4 broken chestnuts, 3 broken reds and 2 charlies.

Acer kindled 8 with no losses, and is feeding them to the bursting point as usual.

Sumac is due to kindle her second litter today, and will hopefully perform as well as she did last time.

Digging in her nest box
Her litter will be a repeat of the last breeding - 3/4 Creme & 1/4 NZR. 

I still have most of the October babies still, so my rabbitry is bursting at the seams.

We have a bunch due to go in the freezer, and I was holding out on Acer's litter  because I was hoping to sell some. There are some nice ones!

(If you are interested in purchasing breeding stock check out the For Sale page for more information.)

I'm looking forward to the extra space for rabbits at our new homestead!


  1. So many new babies - congrats!

  2. They are beautiful!!! I haven't gotten started on our breeding yet. We haven't had the new ones for long. Very excited. Thanks for sharing on the Homestead Blog Hop. I hope we see you again this Wednesday!