Monday, November 16, 2015

House Update 11.16.15

I'm sorry it's been so long since our last update on our house progress, but luckily there is plenty of progress to talk about!

Mark finally finished stapling up the last of the insulation a week ago....

The sheetrock was finally delivered (after several weather delays) and the new siding is going up as we speak.

The first of the drywall has been installed, and it's a little strange seeing the walls closing up again. We've gotten so used to seeing it open! It's starting to look smaller, somehow...

Mark also spent some time adding extra framing to reinforce the walls and add extra studs for hanging things.

We've narrowed down our paint choices and will begin painting once all of the walls are up.

A nice message from our drywall guys
Lowes will be installing the floors (vinyl plank), and then we will be finishing and installing the cabinets and vanities. Toilets and bathtubs/showers will get installed, and any other odds and ends that need to go up before we can begin moving.

The windows are also getting replaced, as well as the exterior doors.

Once the floors are down, we can begin moving some things over to the house.

When the water situation is finalized, we can turn it on and check out the septic. With any luck, it won't need anything more than a pump. Hopefully.

The wood stove and flue will be getting installed around this time as well, and Mark has been collecting, splitting and stacking and moving wood all summer, so we have a decent stockpile at the house.

Fences will go up, and the northern side of the barn will be enclosed for the rabbitry, and we can begin preparing to move the animals.

As we anticipated, other things will just have to wait, with financial and time constraints.

The bridge, for one. It (mostly) survived our last big flood, but if it gets taken out completely we always have the option of accessing our place from my parents' property.

While we will be replacing some of the existing decks and steps, the wrap-around porch will have to wait.

Our goal, at this point, is to be moved in before Christmas, or at least before the end of December.

At our current rate, it's looking feasible, but I'm sure we will run into further snags over the next month.

As I look around at our cluttered living space, the task of moving seems pretty daunting. I know we'll manage - not without our tense moments, I'm sure, but we'll manage.

With luck, we'll be celebrating this Christmas at our new homestead!

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  1. Having last moved in March from a 1300 square foot apartment to a 1100 square foot trailer, I understand the difficulties. We did not, however, have to completely rebuild the interior of the trailer! That is impressive work.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we were hoping to not have to do such an extensive remodel, but the interior was pretty well trashed by the previous owners. We are basically building a new house! :)

  2. Wow, it is coming together so nicely! I would be so nice if you can celebrate Christmas in the new homestead, but either way it will be sooooo perfect for you and your family. Do you mind if I ask the general range for how much all of the update have cost? Its totally okay if you don't know or don't feel comfortable thinking about it and/or posting, but we were just weighing the pros and cons of buying a homestead ready to live-in vs. doing the work ourselves on a house/property that needs work. Thank you! <3

    1. I'd be happy to give you an idea of the cost. Do you have an email address? Or you can just shoot me an email if you'd rather not display it here:

      We're happy with our progress so far! :)

    2. Sorry I'm slow- been working the holiday schedule! I'm sending you an e-mail right now. Thank you! :)

  3. Wow, the house is really coming along. Congrats!