Thursday, November 5, 2015

5 Week Kits and Long Belated Bunny Chores

Mark has been a busy, busy man.

When he's not at work or job training, he's spending every spare moment working on the house (update coming soon).

So when he finally had a day off, I jumped at the chance to have some much-needed rabbitry time.

The poor buns were long overdue for nail-trimming.

Other than breeding, it's really the only time I ever get to handle them. At our new house I plan to have a fully enclosed rabbitry, so with the little man more contained, hopefully I can spend more time with the rabbits.

Allspice is quickly becoming a favorite. She is attractive and sweet-natured. I just hope she turns out to be a good mama! We'll find out at the end of the month...

The kits are looking good. Acer's got their photo ops today. (Alas, no weights yet since I need to buy another scale.)

In every litter, there's always that one kit that really stands out from the rest. For me, it's this little guy. We'll see how he matures.

Chances are good I will be selling most of this litter.

Sumac's kits are still much smaller than Acer's, but SO cute. 

This litter is very buck heavy - 2 does and 6 bucks.

It's interesting to see their varying hues. Some are more fawn and some more red. (They are 1/4 NZR & 3/4 Creme.)

I'm not sure whether I will be retaining either doe for further back-crossing.

One thing is for sure, we'll be filling up that freezer again, real soon!

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  1. Wow, everyone looks great! Loving the rufus on the red kits, but of course I am super biased. Can't wait to hear your future rabbitry plans! We are also planning on getting the rabbits out of stackers asap. Glad your rabbits are doing well for you! <3