Monday, September 28, 2015

First Fall Litters!

Acer posing with her nest box
Acer and her daughter Sumac kindled their litters today!

Acer, as always, safely delivered 6 lovely reds, sired by our home-bred sire, Big Boy.

Sumac obviously inherited Acer's mothering skills, and built a perfect nest in the nest box and delivered 9 gorgeous kits.

Hers were sired by her father, Colbert, and are 1/4 New Zealand Red and 3/4 Creme d'Argent - the second generation in my back-crossing project.

Good mothering abilities are definitely top priority in my rabbitry, and I am thrilled to see Sumac follow in her mother's footsteps.

Sumac with her litter
I'm eager to see them grow!

I'll be breeding Cardamom's replacement, Allspice sometime in the next few weeks.

Feels good to have things up and running again!


  1. I love to see first time moms get it right! Sumac did great with 9 babies :)

    1. She has performed just like her mom did for her first litter, so I'm hoping that means it's a genetic trait. :)