Friday, August 14, 2015

House Update 8/14/15

After all of the ripping, tearing and demolishing, we are finally beginning to add a little bit of "new" to the bare bones house.

The biggest accomplishment this week was installing the French doors.

Naturally, it wasn't exactly a matter of popping the sliding doors out and screwing in the new doors.


Even though we special ordered them from a modular home store, they still didn't fit the space. So it took some cutting to get them to go in.

They look great, though!

But once they were installed we noticed another problem: we couldn't open them!

The deck boards were too thick to allow the doors to open.

So we came up with a temporary solution:

The back deck needs to be replaced soon, anyhow.

We discussed the option of building a pitfall underneath the deck to trap burglars, but decided it probably wouldn't be practical in the long run.

We also had all of the water lines replaced, and have the beginnings of our filtration system in place.

The tubs are in, and waiting to be installed.

We painted Kilz on all of the urine damaged studs to hopefully cover any remaining odor.

We also removed the ceramic tile in the master bath.

While it didn't look so bad a first glance, it was laid all wrong and was going to interfere with other projects, so out it went!

Maybe now we were finally done tearing stuff out.

Until I spent some time in the master bathroom contemplating the shower.

Namely how much I hated it. It was tiny, and for some stupid reason raised up off the ground an entire foot; a scenario just begging for bathroom-related injuries, especially for an accident-prone person such as myself.

We had discussed the option before of discarding and replacing the shower, but decided it wouldn't be worth the hassle (or the money).

And, we had already ordered the replacement garden tub.

But I knew that if we didn't take the opportunity to get rid of it now, we would always regret it.

So after some discussion, we decided to rip it out, add a shower fixture over the garden tub, and use the shower cubby as a linen closet. Genius!

But how do we get it out?

Even though we now had a wide enough space to to get it out the back door, we would have had to tear down a lot of studs to get it out in one piece.

So naturally, it was time to break out the reciprocating saw.

It was like a scene from a horror film: the unsuspecting person taking a shower, when suddenly........

Speaking of horrors, we discovered the worst of the worst when we leaned the shower over.

Are you ready for this?

No. No. You aren't. No, you will never be ready....


I don't think a dead body would have been much worse.

We finished dismembering the shower, and hauled it outside.

It's a thing of beauty.

So now we have MORE drywall to tear down and MORE staples and nails to take out, but we are happy with our decision.

After that, the insulation needs to go up and maybe, just MAYBE our new drywall can go up.

Yesterday, as always, my work kept getting sidetracked by nature.

There are always a few critters that seem to get trapped in the house. So naturally, I must stop and have a photo shoot.

This beautiful little moth apparently doesn't have a common name, but I identified it as Conchylodes ovulalis.

I knew this guy was a scarab beetle, but I had never seen one with a horn before. I looked him up later and found that he is a Rainbow Scarab! I thought he was adorable.

I mean, just look at this face! Who couldn't love a face like this?

Well, you may not think he's so cute when I tell you he uses those flattened front legs to roll up poo balls.

Forgive the poor picture quality. This guy wasn't grateful for his photo shoot, and wouldn't sit still.

This is a Virgin Tiger moth. You know those caterpillars we call Wooly Worms? This is one of their adult forms.

So, even though we aren't where we were hoping we would be by this point, we are still feeling pretty good about our progress.

The more we work on it, the more it feels like home. It can only look better from here on out.

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  1. That wad of hair YUCK

    But your progress is really coming along - congrats! :D

  2. Lisa from IroquoisAugust 15, 2015 at 12:31 PM

    That, ummm hairy shot of the shower drain was a little scary. I do remember to pick the hair balls out of shower drain occasionally but this makes me wonder about all the years and showers before I was on the scene. Not a pretty thought. But you are making wonderful progress and I love the shower turned closet idea. Every bathroom needs a huge closet. Should be mandatory.