Monday, March 2, 2015

House Update 3/2/15

We were able to spend some time working at the new house, this weekend.

So this is what we've been up to...

... and a little of this ...

... and this ....

... and a lot of this ...

In other words, we've been prepping for paint - well Kilz, first.

So there's been a lot of ripping off trim and sanding going on.

We're addressing the mold as we find it. 

Cleaning off the surface mold hasn't been a big deal, but we are concerned about what we can't see, growing and releasing spores behind the walls. And yeah, we have no idea whether it's the dreaded black mold or not, but we don't really have the resources to hire a HAS MAT team to come decontaminate our house. We'll just have to do the best we can with what we have. 

We went ahead and removed the worst spot, which was the ceiling around the vent in the guest bathroom. 

We aren't sure how much we'll need to remove in the other bathroom. Do we rip it out to look for more mold? Or do we seal it with Kilz? Decisions, decisions...

We also discovered that this house is a premiere winter destination for thousands of ladybugs. These aren't your sweet little lucky ladybugs - these are the stinky, biting, horrible Asian ladybugs.

Every room had a spot where these nasties were huddled up. When we ripped away the trim, there was literally a river of ladybugs spilling onto the floor, followed by a rain shower of their feces. Gross.

You've got nowhere to hide now, you dirty little bastards, BWAHAHAHAHA!! [sucks up with shop vac]

One thing you will notice in the pictures are all the layers and LAYERS of color on these walls.

In a few rooms you can see the original 90's wall board, and everywhere else it's thick, sloppy layers of god-awful paint.

.... and a NASCAR border, in this case
In the rooms where we have exposed strips of white, it's amazing how much better it looks already!

Once we get all the walls roughed up with the sander we will be mudding the cracks and painting on the Kilz. I cannot WAIT to see this place with white walls. What a difference that will make!

When the walls are painted we will focus on the floors. Then, aside from addressing the water issue, we will be practically ready to move in!

It's nice to have some real momentum going.

"Good enough is perfect," has been our mantra. Well, MY mantra, anyhow - which I have been annoyingly reciting to Mark as we delve further into our renovation efforts.

We'll keep peeling off the layers and see just how deep this rabbit hole goes!


  1. Ha! I love that last picture! And about the lady bugs....they've begun making their appearance at our house, just one or two, but I know as soon as it warms up they'll be on the swarm. They are such a nuisance! I'm sure it does feel good to have some momentum and you'll be in there before you know it! :)

    1. Ugh. I detest those ladybugs. We have a few at the ranger residence, but NOTHING like that infestation. They are so nasty!

  2. I love it! You guys are doing such a great job- wow! My husband and I are inspired by your hard work to turn a house into a home on a beautiful piece of land. I can already see how much better it looks as you strip away the old stuff- really a great space! :)

    1. Thanks! :) It looks even better after doing a little more work yesterday. We'll start mudding here real soon. I canNOT wait to start painting!