Friday, March 13, 2015

Grow-out Pen, Re-booted

The ten, 7-week-old bunnies are finally out of their cramped cage and enjoying the freedom of the grow-out pen.

We finally got around to repairing the roof, after the ice and snow collapsed the last one.

We used a bigger tarp this time around, and secured it with the little bungees I had originally gotten to hold water crocks in place (which was a semi-success).

And, as you can see, the new and improved latch system is in place, after having discovered the hard way that the existing door didn't latch well.

I used the wheelbarrow to get the bunnies from point A to point B.

A cage of 10 little rabbits is surprisingly heavy, so this ended up being a good solution.

I just left the cage open inside the grow-out pen so they could venture out whenever they were ready.

Wha?? Solid ground???
It didn't take them too long to start exploring though.

They are so much fun to watch.

These three would tend to agree....

... but only from a safe distance...

They're back there, I promise
We still can't trust Mika around them, but she has been designated a house dog now that she has become very adept at escaping from the backyard. So that worked itself out, in a way.

I'm thinking about processing half of them at 8 weeks and the other half at 10, just to compare. 

We'll see.

I've got my eye on Acer, this time around. If she has another small litter, I may replace her with the red doe from Cardamom's litter. She's the second largest kit in the group so far, and the largest of the does.

The wildflowers are wasting no time, now that we have had some warm days!

These guys are popping up right in our yard. I'll have a post devoted to them in a couple of weeks. :)

This is Cutleaf Toothwort (Dentaria laciniata), just on the verge of blooming. It's in the mustard family, and makes a spicy, peppery trail snack.

The little roots look somewhat like human molars, and according to the Doctrine of Signatures,(whatever human body part a plant looks means it must be good for healing or strengthening that part) that means it is good for the teeth.

Spring is hastening, and we welcome it with open arms!

To wrap up, here is a short video of the little buns, binkying about the grow-out pen....


  1. It all looks great! I see the little man was eager to help with the tarp! :) Our Eden's litter is 9 weeks old, but we didn't weigh them at 8 weeks, so we'll probably weigh them this weekend and see where we are with size. Yours look happy and healthy and hopefully you'll have a better time this time around!

    1. I'll be eager to see the weight on your litter. :)

  2. The pen looks so good! I am curious to see if you notice a difference between 8 and 10 weeks. We are getting ready to process 12 weeks and an older stewer rabbit to compare the meat/hides also. I totally forgot to weigh mine at 4 weeks, but I am ready to weigh my little ones tomorrow at 6 weeks and then I will get them back on the weight schedule so we can all compare together. Your crew looks great! Raising rabbits is so fun. :)

    1. It's great to have something to compare them to! Thanks :)

  3. As novice rabbit raisers I appreciate this post greatly. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you found it helpful! I still consider myself a novice at this point, too, but we are learning fast! Mostly the hard way, but you know how that goes. :) Good luck with your rabbits!