Monday, March 23, 2015

A Return of the Salad Days

Not sure whether you get the "salad days" reference or not. It doesn't really matter, because it doesn't fit that definition in this particular case anyhow.

I mean salad days quite literally, in fact...

There are finally enough edible greens that I can make my morning foraging run for the rabbits. This makes them oh-so-happy.

Acer is understandably ravenous with 13 mouths to feed!
munch, munch
Babette couldn't decide whether to haystache or eat her greens.
It makes me happier too, since I get to save a little money on pellets. Their daily helping of wild salad usually has them back to a 1/4 - 1/2 cup per day, rather than their usual 1-1 1/2 cups.

Today's selection includes grasses, sour dock, yellow dock, dandelions, clover, violet leaves, cleavers, chickweed, wild geranium, blackberry leaves and Multiflora rose leaves.

My best foraging area happens to be in a small field next the the road, not too far from the house.

It's great because I go out there in my morning hair and pajama pants, toting a huge basket, bending over in full view of the park passers-by.  I suppose it's one of the things early morning fishermen and hikers don't expect to see as they make their drive into a state park - other than chickens, of course.

So, still no babies from Babs, yet. Although she has been haystaching like crazy, since yesterday morning.

That wild look in her eye says it all
This morning she had pulled fur everywhere and made a nice little nest in the corner of her cage, and was sitting there in it like "Okay.... so now what do I do?"

I picked her nest up, stuffed it in the box and put the box in her spot, hoping she will get the idea. I did actually see her hop into it for the first time, so we'll see.

Oh, here is what "the salad days" is from. I couldn't find the actual scene, but this is close enough.

One of my favorite movies of all time, and Nicolas Cage at his absolute best.

I'll keep you posted on Babette's litter.

Enjoy this fine Spring day, my friends!

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  1. I love salad................LOL! Glad your buns are getting some greens!

  2. Yay for salad days! We have been picking and pruning around here, too. Those look like some happy rabbits. Fingers crossed for your doe! :)

  3. The rabbits are so cute! Our rabbit has been eating a lot too, but he won't be having babies. LOL
    It's so nice to see green outside again! Not excited to deal with all the brown mud, but I know it means the green is coming!