Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Closer Look

We spent another productive work day at the new homestead, on Monday.

Mark hauled off 3 big truckloads of trim, black plastic and random garbage from inside the house.

During one of his trips to the nearby dump, I took a break and walked around the yard ...


one of the many giant sycamores lining the creek

the leaves of Miami Mist, which will be blooming in a few weeks

Purple Phacelia (Phacelia - sound familiar? :) )

the creek flowing westward

We had a visitor in our field most of the afternoon. Can you see him?

This button buck was pretty blase about all the work going on.

The inside of the house is looking better all the time ...

Speaking of closer looks, when I climbed up in the shower to pull off trim, I made the grossest discovery of all:

These dirty band-aids were stuck to the top of the stall. YUCK!!! Forget ladybugs, mold and spiders - this is just NASTY!! I scraped these bad boys off with a crow bar.

I guess that picture kind of interrupted the pleasant flow of this post. Unless you consider a still life with band-aids relaxing.

Sorry, let's get the good vibe going again...

I just love the view down the driveway. The leaning elm adds so much character to the place.

But the heart and soul of this place is the little stream that sings away merrily in the front yard:


Hopefully, we can make more progress on Mark's next days off. 

He's back to being a ranger now, so his schedule is going to rotate again. On that note, he's really enjoying working with his new boss, and the weight of Manager has been lifted from his shoulders, so he seems more like his old self again.

Things are looking up. :)


  1. Simply beautiful, just a beautiful piece of land. I can't wait to see it through all of the seasons! That little buck seems to reflect the peace of the property..............and I have no words about the band-aids...........just no words.............LOL!!

    About your man and the job's amazing how it can change them, and what a relief it is when the stress leaves. When The Man lost his job in IL, he said he immediately could breathe, even though it was a huge shock, and threw us into an unknown worlds, the pressure of being Operations Manager was off, and it was a HUGE relief! :) Hope you aren't snowed in. We've got a bunch again, and it's beautiful, but I'd much rather be looking at it out my windows, than driving to and from work!

    1. We got a little bit of snow and ice, but it should be melting tomorrow. Then we're back to warm temps - crazy!!

  2. Your new property is amazingly beautiful and that creek is my zen moment for the day. That is a great pic of the little buck! Do you have a telephoto lens? You get great captures and I love photography, so I really appreciate the focus, the framing, etc. on your work. So glad to hear everything is going well for you and your hubby. :)

    1. Nah, it's just a digital Fuji FinePix S4830. It can take decent pictures sometimes, but is really frustrating to work with. We are saving up for a DSLR, but we are both equally interested in photography, so we will be fighting over it all the time. :)