Thursday, February 5, 2015

We Have a Roof!

It took over a week to complete, because of setbacks from the weather, but here it is!

This represents a huge milestone in our renovations, because now we are free to begin working on the inside of the house. Next we will begin replacing drywall, sanding, painting and finally installing the floors. Then, once the water situation is fixed, we can actually begin MOVING. Woo-hoo!

Luckily, we haven't had anymore kit losses with the cold weather. Here they are, at two weeks old:

...Acer's un-posed...

.... and Cardamom's, posed....

All ten weigh almost exactly 0.75 pounds, with hardly any variation.

I went ahead and turned the nest boxes on their sides, since all five of Cardamom's were hopping around the cage this morning. I should have taken the camera outside with me, because as soon as I returned Cardamom her babies, I got to watch her nurse them.

During the bitterly cold snap a couple of days ago, my husband was away for in-service training. The two things always seem to coincide. Even though the added work of bundling and toting a toddler made for quite a challenge during daily chores, he really enjoyed the routine.

Look closely and see if you can see what is holding his jacket together...
 Now, anytime he sees me getting ready to go outside, he goes and grabs his boots and sits down in front of me so I'll put them on for him. He gets very upset if he realizes he isn't coming with me.

He really loves interacting with all of the animals, and the cold never seems to bother him any.

I must say, Mother Nature must seriously be off her meds, of late. This up-down, bipolar weather is driving me CRAZY. We enjoyed a mild day yesterday, and are back to bitter cold today. Tomorrow we are supposed to have another mild, sunny day. GAHH!!

But there is nothing like stepping inside from the cold to the smell of wood smoke and a warm, toasty fire...

We are used to keeping our thermostat set to 67. So when that stove really cranks up and it reaches 75 degrees in the house, we start to sweat a little! Hopefully we'll be able to see a difference on our next electric bill. The last couple have been a little painful. It costs an arm and a leg trying to heat a house that's insulated about as well as a cardboard box.

The next goal for my rabbitry is to get started hanging my second row of cages, and construct a dropping board. In a couple of weeks I'll be breeding Babbette, my Creme doe, for the first time, in addition to re-breeding the NZ does. I still think the one doe from Acer's last doe is too small to retain. I will just repeat the breeding to Colbert, and hope for a better doe next time around.

I'll keep Cardamom for now and see how she does with her next batch of babies.

It'll be exciting to have 3 litters at once!


  1. Wow, everything looks so great- the house, the kiddo, the dog, the kits, the chickens, & the fire! Great job! Also I love that clip on the jacket, lol. Excited for your litters! :)

    1. Thanks! :) When we were deciding on a color for the metal roof, I wanted to go with red, but Mark wanted green. At the end of the day, I didn't really care, as long as we had a roof that didn't leak. So when we went out to see it he's like "Hmm...maroon would have been nice..." lol

    2. Awww, I love the roof color! We had a red roof when we moved into our house and it was kind of a pain because I didn't really like many of the colors on the walls that looked good with a red roof. I think the green gives you more options and is not so stark of a contrast against the woods. So I guess I side with Mark- sorry, lol! :P

    3. I think I can forgive you :) . Actually, they said that a red roof tends to fade quicker anyhow. I really don't mind the green. :)

  2. Hooray for a new roof!! And your grow outs look great! Your little fella is too sweet and I love mom ingenuity of the chip-office clip to hold his little jacket together! :) Ps.....our thermostat sets on 67 as well! I think we stay healthier that way

  3. Your rabbits are so cute! Love the new roof and the little guy is absolutely adorable!