Thursday, February 19, 2015

Three Litters on the Way!

In case you're wondering what that big ugly curtain is, it's actually one of those car liners you get to protect your interior from mud and dog nails. It got vomited on a couple of times, and left out in the elements because I never got around to washing it. Then I finally decided it would make a good windbreak. It's heavier than a tarp, and waterproof too! Great solution. :)
I took the camera out to the rabbit shed with me yesterday with the intention of getting some good photos and videos of rabbits doing the nasty. But alas, I realized in the hot and steamy midst of things that I had forgotten to put the memory card back into the camera, so you'll just have to use your dirty imagination.

[insert photo of mating rabbits]

Oh well, the important thing is all three does got bred, successfully.

I wasn't sure how receptive they would be, with the bitterly cold weather; but I soon found out that they were H-O-T TO TROT! I have never seen them randier. Even first timer, Babette was riding the experienced Turn around like he was a kid's pony. It took forever to get them all bred because there was so much circling, with the does trying to mount the bucks.

Yeah, I'm really wishing I had pictures, now. Maybe next time I'll be ready.

I'm excited because this time I'll be getting my first litter of pure New Zealands (Ichigo + Cardamom) and my first litter of pure Creme d'Argent! (Not to mention the fact that I'll have three litters at the same time! I'm really glad we have that grow-out pen.)

I bred Acer to Colbert again, since I really liked the outcome of that litter (with the exception of the rather slow growth rates).

All three girls are due March 21st.

Everyone did fine with the subzero temperatures last night. I made sure they all had plenty of fluffy straw in their cages, just in case.

Babette digging in her bedding. Think she has enough straw in there?
So, no photos of rabbits mating, but I have plenty of exciting photos of rabbits drinking...


. She doesn't wait for me to finish pouring the water and gets her head soaked every time.
In my last post I was bemoaning the fact that the bungees weren't doing much to keep their crocks from flipping over. Well, Mother Nature solved that problem for me: the spilled water is freezing and holding them in place! :)

OMG, look at that little bun with his eyes closed. They are SO CUTE at this age! Or should I say, KAWAII!!! (squealed like a Japanese school girl)
The wood stove has still been serving us well, even though we ran out of our seasoned wood. The newer stuff just doesn't burn as long or as hot, but it still burns.

The wood stove has been far and away the best purchase the state has made for our residence (well, it was technically bought with a grant). The other "green initiative" projects have been a dismal failure.

First there was the window, debacle. The new "energy efficient" windows don't amount to much if they don't fit in the dang frames. There were gaps so big you could literally see outside. The contractors came back like, 3 different times to "fix" things and didn't do diddlysquat (unless you count slapping on untreated pine boards). We ended up pumping several cans of spray foam around the edges, but there is still cold air leaking in.

The "green" dishwasher just sucks. I guess it saves water by NOT WASHING anything. We usually end up running it twice.

The water heater may save energy, but we never seem to have enough hot water for what we need to do (think cloth diapers).

(I know, I know - first world problems, and all.)

This past summer we got an all new "energy efficient" H-VAC system, complete with new duct work. The unit would probably work great if there was insulation anywhere in the house. Or if the windows were airtight. (Of course, we also had an episode with Wood Rats, a few months ago.)

Even after the duct work was patched after the rat damage, we were still noticing how hot it was next to the picture window. When it turned cold, there was a draft in the living room and we could not figure out where it was coming from. 

Until today:

The lousy contractor hadn't even bothered to nail the duct work in! It was literally just hanging there, with icy air blowing in all around it from under the house. NO WONDER it was so blasted cold in there!

We fixed it though! We pulled it up where it was supposed to be, hammered in some roofing nails and caulked it with foam insulation.

Afterwards, Mark went around and checked all of the vents in the house, and all of them had gaps. Not as bad as the first one, but none of them fit right. 

Maybe it wouldn't matter so much if we weren't paying the friggin' electric bill!!!!

Can you believe these clowns actually got PAID for this job?! It's laughable. Can you say contracted out to the lowest bidder? Your tax dollars at work, people.

End of rant.


Here, I'll share some more snow scene pictures, courtesy of the Ranger Man, to help take my mind off that. [deep breath]

Yes, that's better. :)

Peace out, friends.


  1. Yaaay for horny rabbits!!! In order to calm yourself, just remember how nice it will be to be in your new home next winter!! LOL! And baby buns are soo cute, but never too cute to eat! And....the work ethic of people nowadays is really, truly sad!

    1. Luckily, by the time they'll be ready to eat that won't be AS cute. :)

      And yes, we know for a fact that our new house is insulated really well. In fact, we stopped in earlier this week just to see what the temperature was in there (we've had the heat turned off). Even with temps below freezing in the daytime and single digits at night, it was 40 degrees in there!! Awesome. :)

  2. The snow sure is pretty! And so are your bunnies, of course. :) I feel your pain with the drafty house. Even with our wood stove going full blast, the heater still cuts on because of the gaps in the chinking, the lack of insulation, and the fact that our office/bathroom addition is unheated... it might as well be an outhouse, but at least the living room is toasty!

    1. It's so strange how the snow was distributed this time. Usually we are in the "donut hole" when it comes to snow.

      There is NOTHING cozier than a wood fire, even if the rest of the house is cold. :)

  3. LOL, you are so funny. I'm glad your rabbits are breeding like rabbits. We have the same problem with poor worksmanship- I don't get that people would take a job and not even try to make it work properly. I am the opposite- if I bother starting it, I want it done RIGHT and obsess like a madwoman. I can't wait until we have better ways of staying warm in the future. It always looks so beautiful there where you are now, but I can't wait to read about your adventures on the new property, too. :)

    1. I guess they figure the state isn't paying them enough to bother trying, but it's not like they're rocket scientists in the first place. It doesn't stop at the residences, either - it's pretty well the entire park system. Although we heard about one state park hiring the Amish to build some stairs. How on Earth did they manage that?!

    2. I have no idea, but I bet they were well-built at least! I would be delighted to have Amish neighbors or be able to hire some to help us build wherever we end up. I've never seen better woodwork or baking before. :)