Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snowed In

Snow is a pretty big deal, in middle Tennessee.

The combination of snow and ice has practically shut the whole state down. State offices, schools, businesses - all closed.

We have four-wheel-drive, so we could probably manage, alright. But just to be on the safe side, we are waiting until road conditions are better to leave the park. The biggest obstacle is the entrance hill. It faces mostly north, and right now is a solid sheet of ice. Getting down might not be too bad, but we don't want to risk not being able to get back up it.

T-DOT doesn't salt the park roads, so we're on our own, there.

We've been fortunate that we haven't lost power, and have seen the electric company patrol the park frequently, checking the lines.

Mark has still been making his daily rounds, with most other park employees staying home.

The only other signs of human life have been a few brave Marina employees, who have been shuttling each other by four-wheeler.

I suppose that kind of isolation would be frightening for some. Truth be told, I'm going to miss that, once we move off the park. I suppose it's befitting to have this as our last winter, here.

The rabbits have been enduring well.

The tarps work pretty well to shield them from the worst of the weather.

Even the four-week kits don't seem to mind it too bad.

I gave them boxes to snuggle in, as an extra precaution against wind and cold. I was astonished to watch one of the tiny babies jump up on top of it without any effort! It has become a favorite play thing.

I try to get out three times a day to give them water. The mamas and babies are always thirsty, since they dump their crocks out almost as soon as I put them in there.

Piling up to drink

I got these little mini bungee cords to tie them down, with the hopes of preventing this problem. But the thirsty bunnies still managed to flip them over and chew through the bungee cords. Still looking for a good solution there.

Acer's litter is less adventurous than Cardamom's. They prefer to stay snuggled up in their box. (I couldn't find another cardboard box, so I just used a wire nest box.)
It's fun to get out and walk with the dogs on snow days. We don't have to worry about much, since we pretty well have the whole park to ourselves.

The winter days have now taken on a different character. In addition to colder temperatures, there is now a brutal wind gusting through the trees, making them sway ominously.

(There obviously isn't much more to do than take pictures.)

The wild birds are really appreciating those handouts.

And, of course - the Fox Sparrows are back!

They only ever show up when it snows. And this time they brought friends! Yesterday we recorded the highest ever count for the park: 8!

 I love watching the birds from our big picture window.

We've really been going  through that firewood!

We've brought in the less seasoned logs in hopes of drying them out faster. We're hoping our stash will at least get us through the coldest days and nights.

Tonight we're in for sub-zero temperatures, so snuggle up tight, my friends!

It's brutal out there!

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  1. I was wondering how you guys were doing when I was at work. Sounds like everything turned out alright since you and your hubby are so prepared. I think those poor birds outside are very lucky to have you- look at the icicles! The park always looks so magnificent. The rabbits also look great! Glad your babies are doing well. Stay warm!

    1. You stay warm too! Looks like we'll be getting a brief thaw this weekend.

  2. Stay safe and stay warm! I too would really enjoy the isolation of your life! I can understand how you will miss it!

    1. You are in Kentucky, right? I know you guys got a LOT of snow. I'm a little jealous! :P

    2. Yup, we've got about 14 inches on the ground right now! It's pretty and I wouldn't mind it if I was snuggled up inside, baking, knitting, canning soup or something like that. But alas, my husband has a good work ethic and we work at the same place, so we've braved the elements every single day to come to work! LOL! We've ran with a skeleton crew all week, today we've got more than we've had any other day, and today is the first day they are trying to run trucks! I think it's supposed to rain on Saturday though, so it will all be gone.......