Sunday, January 4, 2015

Let There Be Light!

So we finally flipped the switch yesterday. We tested every outlet and turned on every light and ceiling fan. Everything works! (Sorry Mark, it didn't burst into flames.) That's the good news.

The bad news is, we may have more extensive water damage in the walls than we originally thought.

Worst case scenario: we have to replace all of the drywall. Hiring somebody to do it would take a HUGE chunk out of our loan, which we really need for other important projects. Doing it ourselves would take weeks, due to time constraints and our inexperience. In the meantime we are paying two electric bills and rent to boot.

So we are hoping that won't be necessary, but we'll do whatever we have to do.

Of course, the other big concern at this point is MOLD. We can visibly see it growing on the bathroom ceilings where the worst water leaks are, but we are obviously worried that it is growing throughout the house.

Today we're going to rip open a couple of the damaged walls walls to see how bad it is. 

It's got us biting our fingernails, a little bit. I'm picturing our construction loan disappearing much more quickly than we originally planned. 

We did get the old flooring ripped up in two more bedrooms, though! Two more to go, then we can peel up the underlayment and the old linoleum, and then clean and Kilz the sub-floor.

Unfortunately we can't start sanding and painting until we make a decision about the drywall.

We can hopefully get the roofers out ASAP so we can stop all the leaking. 

Yesterday was really wet and rainy. Whenever we're working over there, we have no choice but to throw open the windows, with the unhealthy levels of ammonia from old pet urine. There was a LOT of condensation collecting on everything, which is really going to make our moisture problem even worse at this point.

Getting our H VAC system installed is a huge priority, now, so we can get that house dried out and temperature controlled.

Ugh. I'm getting a headache just thinking about all these things........

[deep breath]

I took a break from ripping up the floor yesterday evening, and just spent some time looking out one of the bedroom windows.

It was so quiet. There was nothing but the bubbling creek and the patter of soft rain to be heard. I tried picturing what it would look like in the Spring, with leaves on the trees, green grass and wildflowers blooming on the stream banks.

We took on this project knowing that it would be a difficult road. We knew that there would be many unforeseen obstacles in our path. There will be days when we will look at each other with strained faces asking, "What have we gotten ourselves into?" (like yesterday)

I have felt all along that this is where God has led us. I just know this is where we are supposed to be. It won't be an easy journey, but He will be with us. 

That is enough.


  1. You can do it! Just keep looking out the window - the nature, peace, and quiet makes it all worthwhile and then some. I type this as I hear my neighbor blasting rap music from 2+ acres away. Deep breath. :)

    1. Boo to loud rap music! Actually having neighbors will be a new thing for us. At least I know my parents don't throw any crazy parties ;)

  2. I'm picturing the scene from O Brother, Where Art Thou. "I cannot tell you how long this road shall be, but fear not the ob-stack-les in your path..."

    1. I LOVE that movie! That is a good image to keep in my head. I'm sure we have many more "ob-stack-les" to come!

  3. God never, ever promised us easy, He just promised to be with us! You'll get there, just always remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. Do the things that TRULY have to be done and sit on the rest of it. I promise it will be totally ok if it doesn't look like a magazine cover before you move in :) Just tackle the projects that involve health and safety and wait on the cosmetic stuff.

  4. Oh I can so identify from our past home makeover experience! We did have to gut down to studs. I remember trying to clean the sub-floor and using Kilz... then even having to remove and have some of sub-floor redone. It was overwhelming at times but in the long run SO worth it!! Hang in there. The peace of knowing you are somewhere God has led you is huge. I knew that too in our case. His grace is sufficient! Hang in there.