Friday, January 2, 2015

House Notes

In an effort to help me visualize our home renovation project, I decided to break out the high-tech software.

Well, I basically just used Microsoft Paint to crudely scrawl notes onto pictures (with my left hand, no less).

While we pretty well know what we're doing when it comes to the major projects, I'm trying to make a zillion other smaller decisions about improving aesthetics - and basically just bringing this house out of its mid-90's black hole.

Here are a few of my beautiful artistic renderings, if you are so inclined to view them...

There are these two big Rose o' Sharon shrubs on this end of the house. I'm sure they've been there since the double wide was installed, but they are pretty scraggly. This area is really the only place in full sun that I could utilize for a native plant butterfly garden, so I think they need to go. Out with the old, right?

Hopefully our wrap-around porch will look a little better than that.

Ugh, that paint is so HORRID and DISTRACTING! Okay, focus, focus...

(Obviously this picture was taken before we ripped up the old floor.)

The loverly kitchen...

That's not exactly where the kitchen island will go, but you get the idea.

We have a 47-and-some-odd-inch butcher block counter top left over from my sister-in-law's kitchen renovation that we are going to use to make our island. Maybe something like this?

DIY kitchen island- perfect cutting board top..good storage...add a wine cooler to one side

Maybe I'll even stand on it and smile real big when it's done.

... Now, if you can ignore that horrific dried blood color on the walls and the cheap, peeling laminate counter tops, close your eyes and picture this...

I love the two tone cabinets

That counter top is almost identical to what I have picked out (except that one may actually be granite), and I really dig those two-tone cabinets!

Now for the fireplace...

We probably won't be getting around to this until later this year, when we are ready to buy our wood stove.

Obviously the bathrooms need a lot of work...

Master bath

... and that yellow tub [gag]

The previous owners (not the renter) actually laid that white tile.

Here's sort of what I'm thinking...

Love this!  Paint is Valspar Glass Tile.  Also, I love that she bought fabric, painted over it with satin Mod Podge and framed without glass to look like canvas.

... except maybe a more subtle, greenish blue like this ...

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams - a pretty blue-green color.

Then there's the guest bath. Wow. Hard to know where to start.

Guest bath
Hmmmm... the concrete vanity thing is kind of cool...
SERIOUSLY AMAZING! DIY vanity update using a concrete overly for under twenty bucks! #diyvanity #concretecountertop Full tutorial by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body.

.... but it may be easier to just replace the whole thing. We'll see.

We recently noticed the extent of the water damage around the shower. We aren't sure if it's from the roof leaking or something else. We'll have to rip it out to find out. Can't wait!! This room obviously will require the most extensive work.

I've spent more time looking at paint colors than I ever thought was possible. Without ever having a place to call my own, I've never gotten to make those decisions. It's really more fun than I imagined it would be. At least in the planning. The doing may be a different story.

I'm thinking an earthy taupe or another neutral throughout, with bright white trim. Kind of like this...

... or this ...

Valspar: bonsai

... or maybe even a cream, like this ...

Find Your Perfect Paint Color: Inspiration for the Kitchen (with Actual Paint Names) | Apartment Therapy - list of paint colors - I like this one 'Cream in my Coffee' Benjamin Moore - other nice ones in this post as well

I've obviously been spending WAAAYYYYY too much time on Pinterest. Ha.

I'll have to wait until we get our first layer of primer on the walls before I can really make color decisions, though.

We will be painting KILZ on virtually every surface of the house, to help get rid of any remaining odors. After we finish ripping up the floor we will even be painting it on the sub-floor as well. Unfortunately, the walls are all painted with gloss paint, so we are going to have to sand everything first. Ugh. We are going to just buy a sander that fits on a shop vac. We will be saving a good deal of money by doing all the painting ourselves. 

The power company installed the meter today, so we will be heading over this evening to flip the switch. Fingers crossed!


  1. It's all so exciting putting your own stamp on a place! :)

  2. I love, love, love all of your ideas! I can't wait to see it coming together. :)