Thursday, January 1, 2015

Homesteading Goals for 2015

It's hard to come up with goals that don't have anything to do with getting our new homestead ready to move in.

That pretty much encompasses ONE goal, for this year. So I will list it by itself...

    • Roof
    • Floors
    • Paint
    • H VAC
    • Septic
    • Water Line
    • Counter tops
    • Fence property
    • Dig new trench behind house and barn
    • Set up new rabbitry
    • Fix up chicken coops
... and those are just the things we need to do BEFORE we move in.

  • MOVE
Those are really more like NEEDS than goals, but I can't exclude them from the list.

As for the rest of our goals...
  • Process our first rabbits
  • Breed my first litter of Creme d'Argents
  • Improve my New Zealand Red line
  • Sell my first breeding stock
  • Set up wheat fodder system
  • Convert 10 x 10 kennel into a grow-out cage for young rabbits
  • Add second row of cages to rabbit shed and construct dropping board
  • Acquire heritage breed chicken breeding stock
    • Black Langshan or Faverolles (or both?)
  • Cull remaining Silver Appleyard drakes
  • Hatch Silver Appleyard ducklings to expand and improve breeding flock
Those are things I can (hopefully) accomplish before we move. Then there are a host of other things I'd like to see come to pass after we've settled into our new place:
  • Purchase wood stove
  • Build wrap around porch
  • Build new bridge
  • Acquire hair sheep breeding stock
    • Meat
    • Pasture improvement through intensive grazing with movable electric netting
    • Sale (meat, breeding stock, manure)
  • Landscape homestead
    • Plant native trees for shade, food, soil stabilization and wildlife
    • Plant native plant butterfly garden
    • Plant herb garden
  • Seal pond on parents' property
  • Repair road on parents' property
  • Build trails on both properties
  • Install water catchment systems on the house and barn roofs 
  • Install cistern on hillside for gravity fed watering system
I'm sure I could come up with many more, but we'll be doing well just to get MOVED IN, I think.

But then goals are just that - things that would be NICE to accomplish, but may not really come to pass.

It feels good to have a solid direction, with the overwhelming task of renovating and moving ahead of us, but I know we can do it!

I'm excited to see what 2015 has in store for us!


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  1. Happy New Year and best of luck with all of your wonderful goals! :)