Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Comparing Brood Does

Both litters are doing well, and looking pretty good overall, on day 6.

It's been interesting to compare the mothering abilities of the two does, this time around.

Here is Cardamom's litter:

They all have full bellies, so no real complaints, here, I suppose. But then you have Acer's group:

... now those are some FAT, SASSY babies!

Both does have had the same access to the same types of food, but it's evident that Acer gives richer, more abundant milk. Her kits are bigger, sleeker, and downright rolly!

I'm not writing Cardamom off, by any means, as I know she pooled a lot of her body's resources to produce 10 kits; but I really think her group should be in better condition, by now. I thought about taking yet another kit out of Cardamom's group to give to Acer, but decided to hold off for now.

Even though Acer is a little smaller, and has been producing smaller litters, I really think she is the better brood doe, out of the two of them. I'll be continuing to watch Cardamom, as the weeks go by. But I'm still thinking about replacing Cardamom with Acer's doe from her last litter. My rabbitry is small, so if I want to improve my meat stock, I'll need to cull aggressively. 

So far, Acer's abilities fit more into the goals I have set for my breeding program. We shall see.

It's another gorgeous day, so I am eager to get that grow-out pen finished!

I'll leave you with some gorgeous photos my husband took on his daily rounds, yesterday morning...

Center Hill Lake

The observation tower, rising out of the mist.

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!


  1. I think you are making some sound decisions! It is very interesting that you are able to compare the two by sight, not just by the "numbers". It's hard when you don't have many holes, to buckle down and make the best decisions for your goals. I know that is what we've got to do as well!

    1. They aren't always easy choices to make, are they? :(

  2. That is really interesting about milk- those litters do look remarkably different. I think some breeders use herbs to boost production, but I am not sure which ones and have never tried. I applaud you for being willing to make the tough calls to better the herd and your family. Also, beautiful pictures!

    1. I've given her parsley, in addition to whole oats, BOSS, pellets and hay. Not sure what more I could do for her. I guess I could brew her some of my lactation tea! ;)

  3. I have heard dandelion leaves and dill are good for milk production. Mint will decrease. :-)

    You live in a beautiful place, by the way!

    1. Thanks for the tips! :) Not sure we have any dandelion leaves outside right now, but I may have to go look for some.