Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Return of Sunny Days

Just like anything else in life, just when you think you can't take anymore, there is no more left to take.

I sometimes don't realize how much I miss the sun until it finally appears after weeks of cold, overcast skies.

That's one reason I like Tennessee. Even within seasons, there is a constant state of flux between warm and cold. I don't think I could live anywhere up north, with their endless winters.

Needless to say we took advantage of it!

I finally got some things done in the rabbitry I had been putting off because of the bitter cold (not a good excuse, really.)

I weighed the grow outs, clipped nails on all the adults, disinfected cages and trays, moved some buns around, and even weighed most of my adult rabbits (except for the pregnant does).

Needless to say, I have the scratches to prove it. One of these days, my husband is going to get questioned for spousal abuse. :)

They're starting to look more like rabbits and less like bunnies, but I still think they are SUPER cute!

Here are their weights and sexes at 8 weeks (in pounds):

  • Buck - 3.13
  • Buck - 3.11
  • Buck - 4.2
  • Buck - 4.3
  • Doe - 3.9
  • Buck - 4.1
  • Buck - 4.0
Notice that there is ONE doe in this group. I was considering retaining a doe from this litter to replace Cardamom if she botches her next upcoming litter. I'll see how they look at 10 weeks. 

I'm also really curious to see whether they get silvering. I wouldn't know that until the 4 month mark, however.

My plan is to fix up the old duck/chicken/quarantine pen into a grow out pen for the young buns. 

This was back in summer

I just need a couple of tarps, some rubbermaid box shelters, and probably a little more wire around the base of the pen. 

They are getting a little big for their 36 x 32 hole. Besides, I really need to get my other poor Creme buck out of his 24 x 24 cage. I've got 3 other 36 x 32 cages to set up, but I need to disinfect them and treat them for rust first. Maybe I can get around to it next week, while we still have warmth and sunshine.

I have high hopes to work on the grow out pen today, but unfortunately Mark has to work this weekend (never fails). Sundays are also the day that we gather as a family at my parents' farm for food and fellowship. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be really beautiful too, and Mark is actually off, since it's a state holiday. But, I really need to let that man take a fishing day. He has been working so hard.

Oh yeah! It's nest box day for the girls! 

All eyes are on you, Cardamom....

... this is your last chance to redeem yourself. She's giving me the stink eye because I just trimmed her nails and treated her for ear mites (AGAIN). I swear, I'm going to have to break out the big guns for these mites. The oil treatments just don't seem to be cutting it. She's the ONLY one having this recurring problem.

I really do hope she gets this litter right. It looks like she's got another good batch of babies in there. She's got good size on her as well.

Here are the weights on the other rabbits, by the way:
  • Ichigo, broken red New Zealand buck (8 mos) - 9.5
  • Turn, Creme d'Argent buck (3 yrs)  - 8.3
  • Colbert, Creme d'Argent buck (1 yr) - 9.3
  • Babette, Creme d'Argent doe (5 mos) - 7.2
I know the standard weights for Cremes are less than that for New Zealands, but I think these Cremes are a little on the small side, especially Turn (considering he has one show leg under his belt). The standard calls for 8.5 - 11 pounds. Colbert has a decent weight, but he is a little weak in the shoulders.

I think, in addition to good body type and other good meat rabbit qualities, I'm going to really select for better size in my Cremes. I'd like to see weights in the 10 pound range, I think.

While I'm anxious to get tasks done around the homestead today, I'm going to try and enjoy the simple fact that the sun is shining, and it is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!


  1. Great pics- quite a beautiful place you have there! Hoping Cardamom comes through for you. Are your rabbits on pellets primarily or natural food? I've read that the natural diet sometimes results in lighter weights during growout periods and smaller adult size overall just because rabbits have been fed pellets for generations. Either way your kits look awesome- very healthy and I LOVE their red! And now I am curious about their mature coats too- lol! :)

    1. They are on 16% pellets and hay. I think they grew pretty slow because their water was frozen so much, these past few weeks. I do have plans to put them on a natural diet in the future, however.

    2. Oh,I can't take credit for the scenery shots - Mark took those :)

  2. It's a beautiful here in KY too! We came home from church and are outside for most of the rest of the afternoon. I too struggle when the sun is absent. But like you said, we are lucky to live in an area where we have periods of rest from the cold! I hope you are having a great day today! Ps..your bunnies are so cute!