Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our First Litter at Two Weeks

Just a quick video I made this morning of our two week old New Zealand Red x Creme d'Argent babies. I am surprised at how fuzzy they are. I wonder if their longer coats will carry into maturity?

In case you couldn't hear in the video, a few of them had some mildly crusty eyes I was cleaning up. They looked fine otherwise, so I don't think there is any full blown nest box eye going on.

Very pleased with them, so far. :)


  1. They look good! Did the little one from the other litter make it?

    1. No, it died shortly after I placed it in the other nest. It was too small to compete. That's alright though, not sure if I want to use that doe's bloodline anyhow.

    2. I don't blame you, does tend to pass that stuff on to their kits!

  2. They look great! What a lovely red litter! <3