Friday, November 28, 2014

More Baby Pictures

... because I just can't help myself.

Four days

And I just can't get over how  FAST they grow!

They are also surprisingly difficult to photograph. You'd think they would just snuggle up and sleep, but these boogers already jump around like grasshoppers!

While I originally thought these guys were fawn, now that they are getting their fur they are clearly red, like their mother. I'm excited to see if they get the silvering from their Creme sire.

The little fostered chestnut kit didn't survive. It was just too small and weak to compete.

It's probably just as well. I will more than likely be culling Cardamom from my breeding program, anyhow.

Now one of Acer's kits is starting to fall behind. When I checked on them yesterday, I noticed one of them was looking pretty thin with an empty belly. So I brought Acer and the kit indoors and held her while it nursed. 

I'll do this daily, in the hopes that this little guy gets his share.

I will try to get pictures of our (hopefully) new place this weekend. 

Enjoy your Black Friday!


  1. Lovely reds! I have such a soft-spot for them after Cinnamon and Scorch, two NZR I used to have back in the day. Happy belated Thanksgiving!

  2. Baby buns are so sweet! They really do pop like popcorn and make the sweetest little squeaks! I can't wait till our new does kindle! Good luck with the little kit!