Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Walk Around The Homestead.... and Another Camera Bites The Dust

I haven't been taking very many pictures lately, just because daily busy-ness has detracted from my ability to slow down and enjoy my surroundings.

So I got the camera out and took a walk around the yard, snapping pictures of things I enjoy looking at.

(By the way, it's a good thing I did, since this camera hit the pavement later that evening and is no more. This seems to be a recurring theme.)

Garden Phlox transplanted from the butterfly garden. I love being greeted by its Earth-shattering fragrance when I step out the door.

Cardinal flower in bloom

The garden is doing well. I am SOLD on hay mulch. Haven't had to water in over a month, and weeds are at a minimum.

Tiny Edmonson cucumber

Cherokee Purple tomatoes. Not purple yet, obviously.

It is a JUNGLE in there

Colbert the Creme has grown up. He's old enough to breed, but it will be awhile before he has any dates.

Finally got the two large cages put together. All we need now some eye hooks and we are ready to start hanging them.

Black-eyed-susans in bloom

The salsa peppers planted in the garden are pretty much dead, but the potted one is still producing. I gave it a big dose of bunny berries so I think that will make it happier.

The potted Tophat blueberries are looking MUCH better after their bunny berry treatment. This stuff is the plant WONDERDRUG.

The chocolate mint is enjoying its new planter

Sultan's Golden Crescent beans. Not producing much in the pot. The ones in mom's garden are doing much better.

Cardamom and Acer enjoying some wild greens

The rabbit shelter. Beautiful I know, but hey, it works. 

The stack of firewood is starting to grow


 The difference between splitting tulip poplar (left) and elm (right) is the type of grain. The straight grain of poplar is like butter, while elm's twisted grain makes for a lot of frustration.

Tala likes to play with firewood

Wild plums ripening

Sunset on Center Hill. Evenings like this always remind me why I love living here, and how much I take it for granted.

So, unless I use Mark's camera, these will be the last pictures for awhile. Well, I guess there's always crummy cell phone photos....

Oh! And, we finally have our unlimited internet and [Halleluia chorus] NETFLIX!

So our involuntary media fast is over, and now we have even more excuses to NOT get things done around here.

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