Monday, July 14, 2014

Make Way for More Rabbits?

While I’ve kept myself busy with gardening, kombucha brewing and business in the kitchen (oh yeah, and chasing, feeding and diapering an active 8-month-old), I still mull over my rabbit situation from time to time.

Namely my overall lack of rabbits. I like the two I have, and am loving what their poop is doing for my plants; but no matter how hard I try, two male rabbits just won’t make more rabbits.

 I’ve still been in contact with the breeder, and she’s still going to supply me with two replacement Crème does, but that won’t be at least until late summer or fall, and those does won’t be ready to breed until next spring (and that’s only if her latest breedings produce litters). We could be enjoying rabbit on our plates much sooner if only we had a female rabbit.

So I’ve kept a casual eye on the LSN, and an ad finally piqued my interest. One, because they’re only 30 minutes away, and two, it’s another breed I like the looks of: New Zealand Reds. Originally I was desperate for any rabbit of the opposite sex, so long as we could have baby rabbits in the nearer future. But I’m thinking of getting a pair or trio so I can have a pure line. I’ll also have the option of crossing with the Cremes, if I so desire. I really have plenty of space, and I just want more rabbits, dagnabbit! (teehee)

I also need more rabbit POOP! I’ve seen improvements already with just a few light applications here and there. Two rabbits don’t make a whole lot, so I have to ration it carefully between my plants. I find myself chasing after every runaway berry that escapes while cleaning under the cages. It’s just too precious!

Of course, these kits are just now 8 weeks old, so they won’t be ready to breed until October, at the earliest. But that’s still sooner than next spring/summer.

So after we get back from our trip to Roan Mountain, we’ll be setting up a separate area to quarantine them for at least a month. I’m not taking any chances after my last bad experience.

Hopefully we can also modify our rabbitry in the meantime. Things would be simplified wonderfully if we switched to the hanging cages. I do like the spacious cages in one of the stacked units, so I may hang onto that one. I had the thought of offering to trade the smaller stacked unit for the New Zealand Reds. I know rabbit breeders are always looking for excuses to have more rabbits (points to self).

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