Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Grape Trellis

This afternoon we scrounged some materials at my parents' farm, and the hubby managed to whip out a really nice trellis for the grape to climb on.

It's been sending out new growth like crazy and was trying to ramble all over the shed. 

Now we will get to really have some grapes to harvest, and it will provide some much needed shade for the rabbit shed. Feels really good to have that project done.

I found this caterpillar enjoying the grape leaves. 

I identified it as an Eight-spotted Forester. It's just one, so I will leave it be.

Evening is falling at our "cabin in the woods." Soon it will be time to close up the chickens and the ducklings. Then I will be putting a certain little someone to bed. 

Moving forward. :)

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