Thursday, April 24, 2014

No bunnies yet... but we have ducklings!

So I'm thinking that Coy is actually pregnant from the test breeding, and not from the breeding back in March. Otherwise she is one late bunny. Or I'm just seeing things. I'll leave the nesting box in there for another couple of days, just in case. But for now it's just become her favored lounging area. And bathroom.

Her new kindle date is May 5th, so here in a few days I'll take it out, clean it (again) and refill it with more nesting material. She still has shown no interest whatsoever in nest building. She does like digging in it though.

While I was disappointed at the absence of bunnies, the ducklings arrived right on schedule!

They threw in one extra Silver Appleyard, and two White Appleyards for good measure. So 13! Our cup runneth over.

 While most baby animals are pretty cute, there's just something about ducklings that really push me over the edge.

And they already provide Ian with an additional source of entertainment.


Of course the downside of ducklings is how MESSY they are. We've not even had them 24 hours and our house already smells like a duck pen.

I'll have to do some juggling to house them for the next few weeks, but we'll make it work.

We'll keep the best for breeding, and sell or eat the rest.

The Miami Mist was in full bloom over Easter weekend, so I attempted some photo shoots with Ian. He enjoys outside so much, he simply will NOT look up at the camera. He's too fascinated by the world around him.

He's also still learning to sit up, so most pictures had to include a hand or arm.

A closeup of Miami Mist. It blooms in great carpets along the floodplains. Mist is a very appropriate descriptor.

So now ducks have been added to our daily routine. Despite their messiness I will miss them when it's time to haul them off to the farm. But I do look forward to watching them enjoy the creek.

For now, I'm still waiting on those bunnies.........

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