Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rabbits becoming reality........

Thanks to a lot of help from my beloved dad, we finally have our rabbit shed built!

We had to build something we could pick up and take with us when we move off the park, so we don't have it anchored into the ground yet.

So I started to sweat a little when the front moved through this morning and the wind started gusting to 50 MPH. Luckily we have it facing north/northeast, and we typically do not have wind coming from that direction. But we will try to anchor it down just in case.

The back of it is nestled against the garden for a reason. I wanted the shed to also serve as structure for my grape vine to climb on. I may even plant pole beans on the outside as well. Besides the obvious reason we are raising rabbits (succulent white meat,) I am beside myself with excitement about the rabbit POOP!

The soil on top of this ridge is thin, hard and rocky. I've made some very gradual improvements over the years with my compost pile (and not letting the maintenance workers blow all the leaves off the yard). Chicken poop has also helped some. But rabbit manure will improve our soil by leaps and bounds (haha, leaps and bounds...).

I've been in contact with the Creme d'Argent breeder in SC, and obtaining the rabbits will be a bit of a challenge (not that I didn't foresee this). There is no way we can make a 656 mile round trip right now. Not with a 4-month-old. No. Way. There is a possibility they can meet me in Newport, TN in the near future, but that is only a possibility. I'm not sure whether this will ultimately work out, so I am formulating a backup plan. The Silver Fox is next in line, and I know if at least a couple of breeders within 2 hours of us. I went ahead and contacted one of them to see if they will have breeding stock available anytime soon.

At least we finally have a place to put them. 

So yesterday it was sunny and 72, and today it is a cloudy, blustery 39 degrees. From work mode back into hibernation mode. I am BEYOND ready for spring at this point.

Ian is ready to burn up the roads with this baby!


  1. That is almost exactly what we have planned for our little rabbit shed! I've been reading about your struggles with getting going, and I'm glad to hear that you got some does to breed to your boys! I used to breed Rex (the big ones, not the little ones) but have been out of rabbits for a couple years. As soon as our rabbit shed is done, I'm bringing home a pair of Silver Fox and possibly a Rex doe as well (because I just love Rex!) I look forward to reading more about your rabbit adventures!

  2. I love the looks of both Rexes and Silver Foxes. There are just too many choices! :) I'll look forward to following your rabbit adventures too. Thanks for dropping in!