Sunday, February 9, 2014


We've been having to do a lot of that lately.

There for a few weeks we were in a great routine with our little man: Went to sleep around 8:30. Slept for 5-6 hours (in his own bed). Up to nurse around 5 AM. Slept til 7 or 8. Went down for a nap around 12 PM and slept for 3 hours. We were all able to wake up rested and accomplish more throughout the day.

Then two things happened simultaneously that changed our routine drastically:

Husband returned to work. Baby started teething.

So now our routine goes more like this:

Ian goes to sleep at 9:30. And I drag myself to bed with him. He wakes up an hour later and nurses. For two hours it goes like this: Nurse, go to sleep, lay down, wake up crying. Nurse. Sleep. Down. Cry. Nurse. Repeat.

In desperation I lay him down in the bed next to me. He wakes up two hours later to nurse. Then two hours after that. It's starting to feel like those first weeks all over again.

So around 9 or 10 he's up for good and I drag myself out of bed to begin the day in that familiar state of delirious sleep deprivation.

While he still has his content times, they are shorter lived and I find myself carrying him while trying to complete necessary tasks. (Mind you,  I do have a Moby wrap, but even after multiple attempts Ian continues to hate it. So I now have a useless $50 piece of long, stretchy fabric.) His naps are sporadic at best, lasting an hour at a time, and usually come to an abrupt end the second I lay him down (especially if it's in his own bed).

So I'm now learning a new balancing act: the solo dance of the stay-at-home mom. Seems simple enough. Millions of women do it every day. Millions of women also give birth every day. That doesn't mean it's a walk in the park.

But when a moment like this happens, the dance comes to a halt. Time stands still and we rediscover the joy of being a parent once again, reminded that this is a short, precious season in our hectic lives.....

So just as I'm beginning to get the hang of this new routine, the washing machine dies. Bad news for cloth diapering.

Time to adapt once again.

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