Saturday, January 18, 2014

Too Comfortable?

Time to shake off the doom and gloom of the last post. We've honestly been more excited at the possibilities presented by our changing circumstances (at least for now).

It takes a few steps outside your comfort zone to cultivate positive life changes.

We have honestly been too comfortable. Lazy even. Too much comfort dims your wits and dulls the senses. With the exception of Ian coming into our lives, we've been pretty static.

Now we have a LOT to think about. How to reduce food and energy costs is a big one.

Another thing that the state had been covering was our Satellite TV. It ended up being a nice bonus, since they came and installed it in the cabins and office a few years back. We were informed that that is going away too, but that's really no big deal. I've done without TV before, and you never miss it like you think you will. In fact, you find out very quickly how much more productive your life becomes. So I'm counting that as a big plus. (Of course, we still have movies and the PS3, so we won't be completely without distractions).

Maybe we can really tackle our mountain of STUFF that has accumulated throughout the years. I sometimes feel like we are drowning in it. I always blame the lack of storage space in this house. But maybe that's not the problem. I am very willing to live with less. Our society teaches us to always be grabbing for more and more and more. Upgrade! Upsize! Clutter creates so much noise in the mind. I'm ready for more quiet.

During my affordable housing search (yurts primarily), I came across an inspiring blog detailing the lives of a young family blazing a trail in the wilderness of Maine. She shares their experiences living year round in a fabric yurt as they build their dream home from the ground up. I was downright convicted about how entrenched we have become in our STUFF, missing out on a simpler, more meaningful way of life. Now that we have a son to raise, I am determined to change all that more than ever.

Speaking of Ian, we watch him change and grow every day.

He's becoming much more vocal, and already spends a lot of time talking to us.

Such a happy baby.

We kind of fell off our whole foods wagon the last few months. Late pregnancy fatigue and baby-induced sleep deprivation dampened my enthusiasm for cooking from scratch (or doing much of anything other than sleeping).

So we are slowly getting  back on the horse.

I found a recipe for elderberry gelatin snacks and really wanted to give them a try. They combine nourishing gelatin with vitamin C-rich elderberries and raw honey for an antioxidant powerhouse of a snack. Today I made the syrup that will go into that recipe.

  It smelled fantastic as it was simmering away on the stove.

Such a lovely deep purple. Tastes great too.

As we begin to wean ourselves from the television, spontaneous solo concerts ensue.

Not everyone is impressed, however.

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