Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rising from the ashes.......... a blog revival

 I didn't really want to be one of those people that enthusiastically started a blog then abruptly abandoned it.

But............. I did.

No matter. I'm taking up the reigns once again and rekindling the projects that got set on the back burner for almost a year. There's a good reason for that, by the way........

... and his name is Ian!

We found out we were expecting him not too long after my last blog post. Obviously we had to turn our minds to preparing for welcoming him into our family. Then there was the adjustment that followed.

Now that he's 2 1/2 months old and I'm finally getting more sleep, my world has opened up again to other things. I still really want to expand our homesteading venture.

So I'm picking up pretty much where we left off.

Ducks & rabbits!

I still think that the critically endangered Silver Appleyard will suit our preferences for eggs, meat and foraging abilities.

Luckily, I'm not too late to order them. So today the order form is getting sent off along with the check, and sometime this spring our adorable balls of fluff will be arriving at the post office. They are a small farm in Oregon that specializes in critically endangered breeds, and I am thrilled to support their preservation efforts.

As for the rabbits, I still really like the Creme d'argent breed. However, that will require a 5 hour drive to the closest breeder I could find. I'm not sure how well that will work with an infant, but we'll see. Perhaps we can meet the breeder at a show somewhere.

We still have our laying chickens - well, two of them. The day before Ian was born I accidentally backed over my beloved, Truvy. It was horrible.

We raised 6 more red sex-links in March, and I ended up sending them all to my parents' farm. However I'm planning on Shanghai-ing a few of them one of these nights and adding them in to my flock. Two eggs a day just doesn't cut it.

So what else came to pass in 2013?

We buried my faithful companion of 15 years,

We fished the Caney a lot,

We hiked the Appalachian balds,

We vacationed at the Gulf and fished some more,

I got huge,

Ian was born.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. :)

Maybe from here on out I can go less than a year between blog posts.

No promises, though.

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