Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hints of Spring (a back issue)

[This was intended for publishing in March of 2013]

I decided that 3 chickens wasn't quite enough for our homestead. Even with them laying every day, we often don't have enough eggs for extra recipes (and I like being able to give some away to friends).

So on an errands run I happened to pop into Tractor Supply and see what they had. I really only needed ONE chick. But chicks are much happier in a group, so I settled on 2. Come to find even Tractor Supply has a minimum order, so I ended up taking home 6 fuzzballs. I'll probably just keep one or two, and send the rest to my parents' farm. They could always use more chickens, hehe.

They are the generic "red pullet" variety, which I'm pretty sure are just the red sex-links. I have been impressed with the ones I got last year.

Spring is rapidly approaching. New plants are sprouting everywhere!

Spring Beauties have been blooming for awhile now. These apparently have edible tubers that taste like radishes when fresh, and potatoes when cooked. However the roots are about the thickness of a pencil, so I've never been motivated to dig up hundreds to make a meal out of them.

I've got my plans drawn up for our rabbit shed, and have a pretty good idea what I want it to look like. Unfortunately money is tight right now, so we will have to put off purchasing materials for a little while. Some of the lumber can probably be re-purposed from other family members, and I know my dad has metal roofing we can use. So it'll just be a matter of buying plywood and lattice. I'm ready to start building now!

Then of course there is the cost of the rabbits themselves, and the gas for the 300+ mile trip to pick them up.

New tires, groceries, doctor's bills, vet bills, car payments, internet, sporting licences, phone, meat CSA................ sigh.......

We've managed to survive just fine on one income since last July, but the sooner I can start working the better. Looks like that won't be until next month.

Of course, this happy little item is what has set us back so much this year.....

But we have been enjoying the heck out of it and will continue to for many years to come. Of course, after buying it, all we can afford to do for fun is kayak! Not that that's a bad thing... :)

Our weather has been decidedly bipolar this winter. Tuesday was a prime example of this. We woke up to 60 degrees and thunderstorms....

It's hard to see in this picture but the rain is pouring and the chickens are huddled miserably inside the chicken tractor

Then we watched as the temperatures plummeted to the 30's and a blizzard blew in later that night.

This weekend is going to be GORGEOUS, 60's and sunny, which will only add to my frustration. I'm sure I can keep myself busy.

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