Saturday, March 17, 2012

An Introduction

Bluetooth Hollow? I pondered for some time over what to name my blog. My primary motiviation for this place is to journal the goings-on of our unique lives. I enjoy writing so I would be perfectly happy to type away without the promise that somebody would read it. But it is my hope that any readers would get something out of it.

So why Bluetooth Hollow? I met my husband at the park six years ago. I began work here as a seasonal naturalist, with him as my supervisor. Needless to say we hit it off and the rest is history.

He has worked here as a ranger for almost ten years. After he got the job he discovered his close ties to the land. His ancestors had settled along the shores of the Caney Fork River (now Center Hill Reservoir) many years ago. One of the hollows was named for a Taylor nicknamed "Bluetooth." He raised a particular breed of horse that was locally famous (now extinct, as far as we know), known as Bluetooth horses. He got the unusual nickname from getting smacked in the face while yoking an ox. One of his teeth died and turned blue, hence the name.            Kind of gross, really.

I felt it was appropriate.

So what all can you expect from this blog? Being married to a park ranger makes life interesting enough. It's such a unique and dynamic occupation. Mark does everything from law enforcement, wildlife management, EMT work, search and rescue, educational programming, wildfire management and the list goes on, and on.

I've worked as a dog groomer, alpaca farmhand, dog obedience trainer, nanny, naturalist and wildlife presenter.

I can't seem to be without animals for very long, and a menagerie follows me everywhere I go. Luckily Mark likes animals too, or he would have kicked me to the curb long ago.

We currently have 5 dogs (2 rat terriers, a boxer mix, a lab/bouvier mix and a German Shepherd), 8 snakes, 1 gecko, and new flock of peeping chicks. During the summer months that number is almost doubled when I'm housing all the herps from my presentation job. More to come on that later.....

Our back 40 consists of over 6,000 acres of wilderness around the Center Hill Reservoir. It is a beautiful place to live with its steep ridgetops, beautiful lake, and abundance of spring birds and wildflowers. We live in a simple 70's constructed house, provided by the state. It sits somewhat precariously on top of a ridge that is a magnet for straight-line winds and lightning strikes. It is also infested with brown recluse spiders and the occasional scorpion, but it's still home-sweet-home.

I'll try to keep my entries short, as I tend to be long-winded. So I will resume tomorrow with more day-to-day specifics. As for now, another March storm is rolling in over the lake.........

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